BookForager Picture Prompt Book Bingo

I love a reading challenge – especially a book bingo, and most especially when there’s a lot of room for interpretation. So I adore Mayri the BookForager’s 2022 picture prompt bingo and shall be adding it to my roster of fun ways to pick and sort my reading this year. Fancy joining us?


Fun for Monday

Let’s get this 2022 show on the road, huh?

Usually, Fun for Monday is all about book tags (which I love, as you know), but today I want to propose some book bingo fun.

I like book bingo. A lot. It’s a thing you may have learned about me. So to celebrate reaching my fifth blogiversary I’ve made a bingo card (ok, ok, I made it back in March of last year and then sat on it for nine months because I’m a massive scaredy-cat. Whatever. I’m sitting here right now typing with one hand because the other’s got its fingers-crossed that someone … anyone … will play along. Because I can get heroically anxious about pretty much anything).

But enough about me, this is about you, and whether you can be lured into doing another 2022 reading challenge (I’m anxious about that too).

Bookforager's Picture Prompt Book Bingo Card

This is a loosey goosey reading…

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