Twelve Days of Bookmas 2021

I closed out 2020 with Twelve Days of Bookmas: an attempt to clear my ledger of overdue reviews with a series of posts and mini reviews between Christmas Day and Twelfth Night. It was a huge success, so it seems worth making into an annual tradition.

Last year, a big part of Twelve Days of Bookmas was about giving myself permission to write shorter posts. It was a really useful exercise that I thought I’d carried with me into 2021 until I checked my WordPress stats and saw my average post length has been longer than ever (sorry folks, and thank you for your patience with my wordiness).

This year, I mostly just want to get back into the habit of reviewing. I’ve been psyching myself out and procrastinating endlessly, and I want to get past that. I don’t have a huge number of reviews outstanding: 2 ARCs, 2 books off the shelf, 2 seasons of Bookburners, 2 novellas (…apparently unreviewed titles often come in pairs?) and 3 books that I discussed at length for read-alongs but never actually reviewed. My goal over the twelve days is to post reviews or mini-reviews for as many of these as possible. In addition, there’ll be posts focused on my favourite 2021 reads, what I’m looking forward to in 2022, and an update on my reading and blogging goals.

That said, this is all very aspirational. It’s Christmas, after all. I’ve got family visiting and we have fun planned that will keep me from my keyboard. So I also give myself permission not to post and to spend time eating good food, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying myself.

Thank you all for your visits, comments and encouragement through the year – I wish you all a happy holiday or at least a peaceful few days on the internet while some of us get distracted!