SciFiMonth Book Bingo

SciFiMonth 2021 (1-30 November): Words full of hope and threat, like the stars

Back in May, I took the Wyrd and Wonder challenge prompts and reworked them as a book bingo for anyone fancying a reading challenge. Of course I couldn’t resist doing the same for SciFiMonth! If you’re looking for a way to structure your TBR or just love filling boxes and entering a giveaway, look no further…

SciFiMonth 2021 Book Bingo Card


I’ll throw a Bingo giveaway at month end – a chance to win any book I read or feature on the blog during November. Entry is open to anyone who participates in the bingo (see rules below). Participants get entered in the draw for completing any 2 prompts (which don’t have to be on the same row/column; and one can be the freebie) and gain a bonus entry if they complete a bingo – yes, I’m setting the bar low because this is meant to be fun not toil!


  • Grab the bingo card (yell if you want a blank one) and comment to let me know you’re taking part (you can find a slightly different version on Instagram – same prompts tho!)
  • Read some scifi books! Hopefully some of them match some of the prompts 🙂
  • Each read may only be used for a single prompt
  • Novellas count (for any prompt)
  • The read-along prompt can only be completed by Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell
  • Post your completed* bingo card on your blog or other social media channel at the end of the month and tag me so I can include you in the draw
  • Completed bingo cards must be posted by end of day on December 1st
  • Winner will be picked on December 2nd

* completed in the sense of showing what prompts you managed to read / what books you read

Bingo prompt (text version)

ClonesRated fresh
(2+ years old)
Read-alongBlack authorAward winner
DebutSweet dreams (cryosleep)Modern classic
(10+ years old)
Too old for this shitSF in translation
Turn back time (50+ years old)Stand-aloneFREEBIEWe’ve come a long way babyRetelling
SF sport or gameInternational author (non US/UK)Psychic powersFinish a seriesLGBTQIA author
Asian authorNovellaIndie or self-published workWell matured
(30+ years old)
Artificially yours (AI / Digital consciousness)


ARTWORK by Liu Zishan from

QUOTE from Babylon’s Ashes by James S A Corey