SciFiMonth 2021: boosting the signal

SciFiMonth 2021 (1-30 November): Words full of hope and threat, like the stars

With the good ship SciFiMonth confirmed for launch in November, we’re hunting out our interdimensional charts and multiple-timeline chronographs, and obsessing about which books and shows (and tea) to load. But first things first: SciFiMonth banners and buttons!

In just six weeks time, my co-captain Lisa and I will be standing by to welcome you to a month of genre geekery. SciFiMonth (or November, as I hear some people still call it) is your excuse to talk all things SF with the friendliest crew in any timeline. Whether you want to try something science fictional for the first time or you’re planning a deep dive into a favourite subgenre, you can be sure we want to hear all about it.

If you’re joining the crew and would like to boost the SciFiMonth signal on your own channels, you’re welcome to use our banners and buttons. All we ask is that you please include the image credit on your posts.


ARTWORK by Liu Zishan from

QUOTE from Babylon’s Ashes by James S A Corey

Join the crew

What’s that? You’re not on the crew yet? We can fix that! There’s always room for one more (how could there not be?) and we’d love to have you along. There’s no tests to pass or secret handshakes to learn – just sign up here to let us know to watch out for you in November and that’s it. You’ll be crew!

Want a taste of what to expect from SciFiMonth? Check out this year’s launch announcement or dip into the archives of our previous missions.

That’s it for this week – watch out for Challenge prompts in a couple of weeks!