Spooktastic Reads: dream a little darker darling

Spooktastic Reads: a Wyrd and Wonder mini-event happening 19-31 October

The nights are closing in, the wind is wailing, and the fantasy adventures of May feel like forever ago. But there’s an autumnal fix of Wyrd and Wonder on the way! Spooktastic Reads will be back in October to dare the darker side of fantasy for 13 days leading up to Hallowe’en. Are you brave enough to join us?

What’s Spooktastic Reads?

Wyrd & Wonder is a celebration of the fantastic, but it’s a long time from one May to the next to wait for an adventure and not all fantasy reads are best enjoyed with birdsong and spring sunshine. Spooktastic Reads is Wyrd and Wonder’s autumnal ghost, 13 days to share the thrills of dark fantasy, paranormal romance, ghost stories, urban legends, all things Gothic and even a side of horror for those who dare. Lisa, Jorie and I will be curling up under blankets by candlelight with hot chocolate and the spookiest things on our fantasy TBRs (and watchlists!) as we celebrate the creepier end of the fantasy genre.

What counts as a Spooktastic Read?

We hate gatekeeping, so whatever you fancy as long as it’s some sort of spooky! Witches, zombies, haunts, black magic, curses, doom-laden prophecies or maybe just enough atmosphere to raise goosebumps. We’re tilted to fantasy, so no rational explanations required (although if your jam is science gone horribly wrong, bring it, we won’t judge!)

In spite of the bookish name, Spooktastic Reads is not limited to books – Lisa and I both plan some spooktastic watching (expect us to livetweet our scares), and musings on music, games or anything else you fancy is absolutely welcome.

When is it?

We’ll be celebrating Spooktastic Reads for the 13 days starting October 19th until Hallowe’en. Expect some prompts to emerge from the gloom at the start of October.

How do I take part?

Spooktastic Reads is a casual mini-event, which means no sign up and no schedule. We do want to share your adventures (from the safety of our sofas) – just tag #SpooktasticReads and @WyrdAndWonder and/or link back to one of our posts to join the conversation.

Will you venture into the dark with us?


ARTWORK by Olga Yastremska from 123RF.com

The gorgeous artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use the banner on your posts if you are joining us, but please credit the artist!