Make Some Room: September

Header (text): MAKE SOME ROOM (there's always room for one more)

September is always a big month in publishing, and this year is no exception. If there’s always room for one more, these are the titles making my TBR squeak like a force-grown rhubarb.

As usual, I’ll start with the ones that have already sneaked onto my shelves…

Any book that asks Who needs friends when you have axes? has got my attention, and MJ Kuhn’s debut answers that question with a fantasy heist, which is always the right answer. Among Thieves is out from Gollancz on September 7th (ebook) / 9th (hardback) and is this month’s Goldsboro SFF Fellowship pick.

Cassandra Khaw is a wordsmith of gruesome elegance who has made me laugh at cannibalism. Damn right I can’t wait to read her debut space opera of resurrected cyborg outlaws who must take on a conspiracy of sapient AIs to rescue a lost comrade. The All-Consuming World is out from Erewhon Books on September 7th (ebook) / 20th (hardback).

Tide Child gets her final outing from Orbit on September 28th (ebook) / 30th (paperback) as The Bone Ship’s Wake concludes RJ Barker’s epic trilogy of condemned seafarers fighting to reshape a cruel society. Joron Twiner is running out of options as sickness and war take their toll – can he save the world or will he destroy it? I don’t know, and I am not ready.

The third Premee Mohamed novella this year (the third, what a year) is post-apocalyptic hopepunk with parasitic fungi, which is about as pure a distillation of Premee Mohamed as I can think of (okay, maybe add beetles). Having been blown away by These Lifeless Things, I’m looking forward to The Annual Migration of Clouds on September 28th (ebook) / 30th (paperback) from ECW Press.

Cadwell Turnbull is back on September 7th with the start of a new series from Blackstone Publishing. Monsters are real, and they’re coming out of hiding whether the world is ready for them or not. But why – and why now? No Gods, No Monsters is set to tick all my social SF boxes, as well as pleasing my former World of Darkness player heart.

Shuffling over to SF that has caught my eye…

What do a Hot Chocolate song, the Great British Bake Off and Farscape have in common? Cat Rambo delivers the answer with You Sexy Thing, out from Tor Books on September 7th. Stir in a retired military squad running a restaurant, a sentient spaceship with some issues to work out and space pirates and at this point I am just a puddle of anticipatory glee.

Light From Uncommon Stars takes the old tale of a woman trading her soul (or that of seven others) to the devil to become a musical prodigy and turns it into a tale of queer romance, donuts and the hope of redemption. Ryka Aoki’s debut is out from Tor Books on September 28th (ebook) / October 18th (hardback).

Walter Goodwater’s debut promises to mislead in its search for the truth. I am helpless before a pitch that is all mysterious warnings and dangerous questions, so The Liar of Red Valley is relentlessly tempting. Out from Solaris on September 28th (ebook) / 30th (hardback).

Indie thriller The Time Trials had me at ‘secret academic club that specialises in time travel competitions’, which are – naturally – cutthroat and rigged. That’s a helluva pitch, and I’m curious to see what direction Jon & Dayna McConnell take it. Out from Tiny Fox Press on September 21st.

Last up, my picks in fantasy…

The Montoyas don’t question their blessings, but when someone begins picking them off one by one, four cousins seek to unpick the secrets of their inheritance. Zoraida Cordóva’s new standalone fantasy is out from Atria Books on September 7th.

Show me a fine white sans serif font against a wash of bright colours and yes, I’ll be rushing too pick up / click to find out more. I’m glad I did – Angêlique Lalonde’s collection of short stories sounds like a magical exploration of home and family, love and grief. Glorious Frazzled Beings is out from Astoria on September 23rd.

TJ Klune is back with a haunting standalone perfect for Spooktastic Reads. Sometimes it takes death to help you embrace the joys of life: Under The Whispering Door is a queer romance of ghosts and goodwill as a lost soul makes the most of his afterlife. Out from Tor on September 21st (ebook) / October 28th (hardback).

Alexandra Bell’s The Winter Garden is a Victorian fantasy of grief and pleasure gardens as Beatrice competes to win a wish from the mysterious Winter Garden. I’m curious to see how Alexandra Bell explores her magical premise in what sounds like a gorgeous crossover fantasy. Out from Cornerstone (ebook) / Del Rey (hardback) on September 2nd.

Last but not least: two rereleases to watch out for – a collected edition of Neon Yang’s Tensorate novellas (out from Tordotcom on September 21st, paperback to follow in October) and a new edition of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s brilliant Mexican vampire noir Certain Dark Things (out from Jo Fletcher Books on September 7th).

What books coming out next month are you excited for?

All release dates and publishers are for the UK unless otherwise mentioned.