Make Some Room: August

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It’s another month where I’ve not been able to research the release lists as fully as I’d like, but there’s a number of books heading our way next month that I’m excited to see hit the shelves. Time to make some room…

Book cover: This Is Our Undoing - Lorraine Wilson

This Is Our Undoing – Lorraine Wilson

In an all-too-believable dystopian near future, a scientist with a deadly past gets caught between vengeful enemies and extreme weather. An exploration of how far we’ll go for those we love, This Is Our Undoing is out from Luna Press on August 3rd.

Book cover: The Hand of the Sun King - JT Greathouse

The Hand of the Sun King – JT Greathouse

This fantasy debut sees a young man rejecting the impossible choice posed by his parents in favour of pursuing magic to change the world. Coming of age stories aren’t usually my favourite fare, but early positive reviews are intriguing. Out from Gollancz on August 5th.

Book cover: Light Chaser - Peter F Hamilton & Gareth L Powell

Light Chaser – Peter F Hamilton & Gareth L Powell

If the collaboration of two giants of British space opera weren’t enough to tempt me (it is), the premise of an interstellar explorer trading for life stories and uncovering an existential threat surely would. Out from on August 24th.

In The Watchful City – S Qiouyi Lu

Stories within stories as the tales associated with the items in a cabinet of curiosities challenge a city guardian’s world view. Lu’s debut novella promises to be a shimmering cyberpunk reverie on culture, identity and transformation. Out from on August 31st.

Book cover (Orbit UK): A Master of Djinn - P Djèlí Clark

A Master of Djinn – P Djèlí Clark

A fantasy of murder and civil unrest as we return to Djèlí Clark’s djinn-inhabited steampunk Cairo for a full-length adventure with the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities. Out in the UK (in physical format at last) from Orbit on August 19th.

Book cover: Spirits Abroad (expanded edition) - Zen Cho

Spirits Abroad – Zen Cho

Zen Cho’s debut collection of short stories gets a rerelease this month that expands the collection with 9 new stories. This bundle was great the first time around – I can’t wait to enjoy what has been added. Out from Small Beer Press on August 26th.

The Quiet is Loud – Samantha Garner

I’m cautious of anything described as literary SF, but stir in foretelling, Tarot symbolism, Norse and Filipino mythology and set them to work exploring themes of identity and family and… I’m in? Yeah, I’m in. Out from Invisible Publishing on August 26th.

Twenty-five to LifeRWW Greene

What if you weren’t picked for the Ark ship taking humanity to another planet? RWW Greene focuses on the challenges for those left behind on a dying Earth in an apocalypse novel that will either be exceptionally bleak or entirely life-affirming. Out from Angry Robot on August 10th (Kindle on August 24th).

Last off all, a tip of the hat to two sequels that remind me I’m still behind on some key 2020 reads – The Second Rebel by Linden A Lewis flies back into space on August 24th and the mercenary librarians get a second outing in The Devil You Know on August 31st.

What books coming out this month are you excited for?

All release dates and publishers are for the UK unless otherwise mentioned.