Quest Log the Last

Later than advertised (sorry folks, last weekend got away from me), it’s time for one last affectionate look back at our amazing month of Wyrd and Wonder. A huge hearty THANK YOU to everyone who took part – you make Wyrd and Wonder what it is and we love you for it.

I say this every year, but every year the party hits new highs – more people, more posts, more love for one of our favourite genres. With getting on for 100 of us taking part this year (woah), generating over 200 reviews and over 800 posts in total (WHAAAAT), the bar is set HIGH for next year’s fifth birthday adventure. Put a pin in your calendar, we’d love to see you there!

Let’s take a final waltz through your retrospectives, reviews and random enthusiasm for all things fantasy.


Memes, tags and other treasure

The final Wyrd and Wonder Music Monday and Maxine’s Obsessions danced us out of the month with Baby Groot and the opening credits to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Peat Long went with a heavy metal anthem penned by none other than Michael Moorcock.

Lex Lingua closed out the month with a round of Five Star Reads In Five Words. Jessticulates considered three chunky fantasy novels she’d like to read this year. Mayri the BookForager indulged in a round of Quick Fire Fantasy Books.

Last but not least, there were of course a couple of Wyrd & Wonder Challenge round-ups to tie up the month with a bow: R M Andrews at Beneath A Thousand Skies | Fran Laniado


The final day of Wyrd and Wonder (and the few days after) are a good time for round-up posts looking back at the month. The party never disappoints:

Once more with feeling: THANK YOU folks, we love you!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jorie’s final Wyrd & Wonder reviews and wrap posts, including the Challenge retrospectives, have been delayed. She will be catching up over the comings weeks, so please watch out for updates from @joriestory on Twitter. She appreciates your patience and looks forward to sharing her final event content very soon.

Your Wyrd and Wonder team will be back in October for #SpooktasticReads, 13 days of supernatural tales, urban legends, dark fantasy and horror leading up to Hallowe’en. Come join us for a walk on the creepier side of fantasy… if you dare.

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