Quest Log the Fourth

It’s the big finale: look around at the faces around you, the light of new worlds shining in their eyes, their hearts full with new characters, their shelves creaking in anticipation of the grand emptying of the book bags at month’s end. Raise a glass to your fellow adventurers and settle in for the tale of the party’s Wyrd and Wonderful adventures over this past week…

Somehow, it’s the last day of Wyrd and Wonder – time to head back from our journeys and reflect on the size of our TBRs. A whopping THANK YOU to all our amazing adventurers: it’s been a delight to share your journeys and see new destinations get added to your reading maps. There has been an epic number of reviews, posts and challenge responses and our hearts are ablaze with the love of the fantastic.

Let’s get cracking with today’s links. Keep on reading for your lists, discussions, random posts of joy and challenge posts – then pop over to Dear Geek Place for a round-up of the reviews, interviews and the read-along. Don’t forget to watch out for the challenge flashbacks coming soon from Jorie Loves A Story!

Got a post going live today or didn’t get the master schedule updated in time? Don’t worry – there will be one last mini-round up next week.



Warning, these posts may result in the rapid expansion of your TBR…

Book Tags

We do love a book tag – I’m taking notes for tags to try next year…

Much-loved memes

Music Monday always gets the week off to a good start. Last week was all about music from games, with Maxine’s Obsessions going for Final Fantasy while Peat Long chose a Morrowind/Skyrim medley.

Lynn’s Books looked at a classic fantasy cover art trope for the Friday Face-Off: hoods.

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

Jorie will be taking a look at some of the amazing pics you’ve all been sharing on Litsy, Twitter and Instagram, but I’m including blog post responses added to the schedule this week for your blog-hopping delight.

To feast your eyes on all the photo responses, check out the #WyrdAndWonder tag on Twitter, Instagram and Litsy.

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