Wyrd and Wonder: what will I be reading?

Wyrd & Wonder: celebrate the fantastic

It’s only a week until the start of a month of Wyrd and Wonder! I’ll be spending May celebrating the fantastic with a band of like-minded adventurers. I’ve got some clear reading goals this year as I’ve got lots of fantasy ARCs and Subjective Chaos reads outstanding. Feel free to place your bets on how long it takes me to get distracted and deviate from this TBR…

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual blogstravaganza focused on all things fantasy – high, low, grim, heroic, epic, cosy, urban, portal, YA, MG, adult, and the rest – consumed in whatever form you fancy. I’ll be joined by dozens of like-minded fantasy lovers to chat, blog and generally make excited noises across our favourite social media channels about the fantasy books, movies, podcasts, art, music, games or whatever else catches our attention. It’s a low-key event without specific goals (although we have a Challenge if you’re keen) – where we ask nothing but that you have fun. You can read one book, watch Shadow and Bone or just chat with us on Twitter, and as far as we’re concerned you can be part of our Wyrd And Wonder party.

Best laid plans

As usual, my focus will be mostly bookish, although – also as usual – my TBR is probably bigger than my reading capacity…

  • Our read-along title will be top of my list: The Bone Shard Daughter (Andrea Stewart)
  • Q2 ARCs: Empire of Wild (Cherie Dimaline), Birds of Paradise (Oliver K Langmead), Black Water Sister (Zen Cho) & The Jasmine Throne (Tasha Suri)
  • Some Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards series & novella nominees: Sweet Black Waves (Kristina Pérez), Queen of the Conquered (Kacen Callender) & The Four Profound Weaves (RB Lemberg)

These are the reads I’ll be prioritising, although I’ve got a STACK of others on my shelf (like Sistersong, The Stone Knife and The Mask of Mirrors, not to mention The Unspoken Name and A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians) that are calling to me too. So, uh, best laid plans, right?

Join the party

Sound like fun and fancying joining us in some form? Sign up to let us know to watch out for you, and for a chance to win one of the amazing fantasy reads nominated in one of the categories of this year’s Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards. Signing up isn’t an obligation to do Loadsa Stuff, although you’ll only be eligible for the giveaway if you post in some form during the first week.

See you in May?

IMAGE CREDIT: pegasus by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

If you’d like to use the banners on your blog as part of the event, you can download this year’s graphics from our archive. Please remember to credit the artist.