The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge 2021

It’s just over a month until Wyrd And Wonder, our month-long celebration of the fantasy genre – so it’s time to reveal the prompts for our annual challenge. Share photos, write a blog post (or several), express your response in sea shanties on TikTok – we can’t wait to see what you turn them into!

Last year’s prompt challenge nearly didn’t happen because I convinced myself nobody was that keen, and then horrified members of the party expressed their disappointment until I wrote some. To make up for my woeful lack of past commitment, this year you get the prompts a whole month early so you have plenty of time to concoct your reactions / stare at your shelves looking for an appropriate book.

Our motto for Wyrd And Wonder is keep it casual and keep it fun – if you just want to answer 3 prompts, that’s cool. If you want to share a photo every day on Instagram or Litsy (or wherever else), we’ll cheer you on all the way. If you’re more a written word kinda person, feel free to write a blog post, Twitter thread, or what have you. Whatever you do, wherever you post, just remember to add a link to the master schedule so we can come admire it (there’s a dedicated tab for challenge responses this year).

This year’s prompts

May 1We’re going on an adventure
May 2Pop this in your book bag of holding
May 3#MapMonday
May 4I never knew my father #TropeTuesday
May 5I can do this all day
May 6Fly my pretties
May 7Fantasy from around the world
May 8Currently reading
May 9Spine poetry OR Mother’s Day
May 10Mixed feelings
May 11Reluctant hero(ine) #TropeTuesday
May 12Desert island reads
May 13Had me at hello
May 14Fantasy voices from around the world
May 15#StackSaturday
May 16Page to screen
May 17Can’t wait to read
May 18With friends like these #TropeTuesday
May 19Who’s afraid of the suck fairy?
May 20Fantasy creature on the cover
May 21Fantasy in translation
May 22Get in the sea
May 23Book rainbow
May 24On the shelf
May 25Chosen one #TropeTuesday
May 26All the feels
May 27#ThrowbackThursday
May 28Off the beaten track
May 295 star fantasy reads
May 30#ShelfieSunday
May 31Fave Wyrd & Wonder read

Not sure what a prompt means? Check out the hints / supporting notes in the master schedule.

Join the party

What’s that? You want to join the Wyrd and Wonder party? Welcome, adventurer: sign up to join our quest and share your love of all things fantasy with like-minded readers through May. Sign up and post before May 7th and you can be entered in our giveaway for one of these amazing fantasy books.

As ever, there’ll be plenty of chatter on the #WyrdAndWonder tag on Twitter and the party bards (that’s me, Lisa and Jorie) will compose weekly round-ups of all the activity for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Not sure what this is all about? Come find out all about Wyrd and Wonder.