All Systems Read: TBR

Just one week to go until the start of our new SciFiMonth spring reading weekender, so I thought I’d rummage through my TBR and pick out a flight of books that look like tempting candidates. Will you be reading scifi with us next weekend?

All Systems Read is a casual 4-day readathon (April 2-5) for you to catch up on your SFnal TBRs and gossip on Twitter with a like-minded crew. There’s no sign up and no commitment to specific reads (or amount of time spent reading), although if you want to set goals we’ll cheer you on. Reaction tweets and live tweets are encouraged, blog posts are welcome but not required. Tag your tweets and posts with #AllSystemsRead and we’ll boost them on Twitter via @SciFiMonth.

I’m building my AllSystemsRead TBR around novellas – which means I get to spend time with Murderbot (seems appropriate, ahem) and dive into some Subjective Chaos, Solaris Satellite and Xuya goodness. I’m aiming for a novella a day, which sounds entirely manageable and means I can aspire to picking up a novel too (although given recent reading pace that may be wishful thinking!)

Exit Strategy is the fourth Murderbot novella from Martha Wells, and yes I’m that far behind, shh. I loved the first three, so I’m excited to see what my favourite socially anxious and reluctantly heroic cyborg gets up to this time…

These Lifeless Things is the first of the Solaris Satellites novellas, and my first time reading Premee Mohamed, which I’m very excited about. She’s serving up a scenario that ticks all my boxes here: fifty years after the alien invasion, an anthropologists discovers a diary chronicling one woman’s survival. Apocalypse! Anthropology! Fictional history! Yes please.

Seven of Infinities takes me back to the universe of the Xuya, Aliette de Bodard’s sprawling and Vietnamese space opera. This outing features an impoverished scholar with a crime to solve and a helpful thief who happens to be an intrigued mindship – I’m looking forward to this immediately.

Sweet Harmony is nominated in our novella slate for this year’s Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards. Apps, nanos and the pressure to be perfect all get a bit much for Harmony in this alarming dystopian vision. I’m hoping I enjoy this more than my first brush with Claire North (I found 84K well-executed, but it left me cold).

Bonus books: if I steam through the novellas, I have Derek Künsken’s The House of Styx and The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers both hopping up and down on my shelf begging to be read…

Will you be reading with us? What have you got planned?