Wyrd and Wonder is back

Wyrd & Wonder: celebrate the fantastic

Hey you – you look like a reader who enjoys dipping into the worlds of fantasy from time to time. Which worlds? Any of them! All of them? We’re not fussy – Wyrd and Wonder is about celebrating the fantastic in all its forms with a party of like-minded adventurers. I’m happy to announce (rather later than usual, but time runs differently in fantasy worlds) that your favourite fantasy blogstravaganza will be back this May! Will you join us?

Wyrd and whatnow?

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual geek-out over all things fantasy, coming to blogs and social media near you this May. You are welcome to join the party as we step through portals to explore other worlds, indulge in mythic retellings or freshly-imagined fairytales, cheer on superheroes (or supervillains; we won’t judge) and pay close attention to whether gifts from the Fae are offered freely and without obligation. We’ll be reading books, watching movies, playing games and sharing our thoughts online through blog posts, booktubes, bookstagrams, Twitch streams, Litsy posts and tweets galore.

There’s always room by the fire for a newcomer with a tale to share. Our book bags are boundless and we fear no bookwyrm. Whatever flavour of fantasy you prefer, we want to hear about it.

As always, Lisa, Jorie and I will be your scribes to share your blog posts, retweet your opinions, and boost your TBRs. 

Join the party

If you fancy a month-long virtual hang-out with likeminded fantasy fans, sign up to let us know to expect you. Signing up is not a commitment. You’re not obliged to read particular books or to make a certain number of posts – although there will buddy reads and ideas for prompts and challenges to tackle if you fancy. Putting your name on the adventurers’ rolls simply lets us know to keep a place for you by the fire so we can look forward to sharing your adventures

Quest rewards

There’s no deadline for signing up – if you only hear about this on the second-last day of May, you’re still welcome to join in the fun! But if you sign up and make a Wyrd And Wonder post by May 7th, you will be eligible for the sign up giveaway (indicate your interest on the sign up form).

I’m keeping it wide open this year: I’ll be giving away the winner’s choice of any fantasy book nominated for a Subjective Chaos Kind of Award this year (because my word, the shortlists are full of amazing fantasy reads – check them out to see the full list of eligible books).

…and if you don’t sign up and post by May 7th? Don’t worry – there’s sure to be other giveaways during the month.

Best laid plans

If you are the sort of well-organised adventurer who likes to plan ahead, feel free to start adding details of your planned posts to the master schedule (if nothing actually goes to plan, you’ll fit right in. This is why we use a spreadsheet rather than stone tablets; much easier to change).

Once May starts, please add links to all your posts to the schedule to ensure we see them – if we don’t know about them, we can’t boost them.

Want to bounce around some ideas or ask us a question? Find us at @WyrdAndWonder on Twitter. 

Fly the flag

We have chosen the pegasus as our mythical beasty this year – you once again have a choice of two different mascots. Please feel free to use the banners and buttons to shout about the event, and remember to credit the artist wherever possible (details below). Click on an image below to see it full-size (and not blurry, thanks WordPress) and you can then save it for use.

IMAGE CREDITS: images by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

Note: the pegasus images are not royalty-free, but they are licensed for use to promote Wyrd and Wonder online. You are welcome to use the banners on your blog and social profiles, but please do not make any changes (except to resize as needed).