Twelve Days of Bookmas

Midwinter and the Great Conjunction have been and gone, and the end of 2020 is in sight. I’m taking advantage of the time off work to declare Twelve Days of Bookmas: from Christmas Day until Twelfth Night I shall post about a 2020 read that I haven’t yet reviewed. Most posts will be mini-reviews; a couple may even be full reviews; and at least one will celebrate a series rather than an individual book.

I’ve really struggled with reviews this year; where it used to take an hour or two, now it can take four across several days. I’m pretty sure that in at least one case it took longer to write the review than read the book. So enough is enough: the trick – I’m telling myself firmly – is not to overthink it.

Consider this my first attempt at practising a short-form post – it feels weird, but short and sweet is my goal for the next twelve days! Here’s to starting 2021 with a clear conscience, with the only reviews I need want to write being for books I haven’t read yet…

Wish me luck!