The End of the Year Book Tag

The End of the Year Tag by Ariel Bissett

In spite of the name, there are some blog tags you can’t leave too late to take – so today I’m tackling Ariel Bissett‘s End of The Year tag while there’s still time (with thanks to Laura Tisdall for reminding me about it).

Is there a book that you started that you still need to finish by the end of the year?

An orange spaceship zips past a blue-grey planet surrounded by asteroids

I’ve got into the habit of listening to a Serial Box audio when I’m out for walks. Each episode lasts a couple of walks on average, so it takes me a while to finish a season! I’m currently listening to Season One of The Vela (this is a reread, as I read it with my eyes when it first came out) and I’m enjoying it even more reading it with my ears. I think narrator Robin Miles takes the credit here: she’s got a great knack for different voices and is a marvellously expressive narrator, elevating the mid-season episodes I found a little lacking on my first read. I’ll likely finish episode 8 this weekend, leaving me with two episodes to go before year’s end. No problem (and yes, I’ll charge straight on to Season Two in January, reading it ears first).

Do you have an autumnal book to transition to the end of the year?

I don’t really do the whole seasonal read thing. I’m happy reading books with snowy settings at midsummer and desert settings at Christmas (and SF is often season-free anyway). The closest I get to a seasonal transition is a genre switch, with my adopted habits of reading something spooky for Hallowe’en and scifi through November. After that, anything is fair game.

…although having said all that, I think I’ll reread The Lost Child of Lychford for Christmas. And cry, probably. But happily.

Is there a release you are still waiting for? 

While there’s some intriguing releases still to come this year, there’s nothing I’m waiting for per se. Next year, on the other hand…

Name three books you want to read by the end of the year

I am trying to follow my nose and read on a whim from here until year’s end, but books that are twitching on the shelf at me include: The Dragon Republic and The Burning God by RF Kuang; the Lychford novellas by Paul Cornell (I want to do a nose to tail reread before I tackle Last Stand In Lychford); and Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen, which got so much SciFiMonth hype!

Is there a book that can still shock you and become your favourite of the year?

Book cover: The Call of the Bone Ships - RJ Barker

..because of course I want to read more books than I can possibly squeeze in before year’s end, there’s also The Call of the Bone Ships by RJ Barker to consider – which is definitely in with a shout for a ‘best of’ spot if it’s as good as the first one. In fact, all the books clamouring to be read before the end of the month stand a good chance of being on my ‘Best of 2020’ list – that’s why I’m so keen to get to them ☺️

Have you already started making reading plans for 2021?

Sort of. Right now – bear with me – my plan is not to make too many plans. I’m keen to follow my moods and make no commitments I’m not comfortable shrugging off (for example: I’m tempted to do the LitsyAtoZ again, but with no determination to bag every letter). I want to focus on reading what’s already on my shelves, and get stuck into some backlist books I’ve had for ages. I’m sure I’ll get seduced by some new releases – and I’ve already given into the temptation of some ARCs – but don’t expect any review-driven blog tours (although I’ll happily consider interviews and guest posts). So my main plan is for my 2021 reading and reviewing to be low-stress and full of fun.

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