#SciFiMonth Mission Log: week three

#SciFiMonth: 1-30 November 2020

Hailing all channels: it’s time for your weekly SciFiMonth round-up! If you’ve been too busy enjoying your own adventures to check in on the rest of the crew, grab a cuppa and settle in to see what they’ve been up to.

As usual, Lisa and I are each hosting half the weekly Mission Log: this morning, I’m sharing the reviews, interviews and read-along posts; check out Dear Geek Place later today for a round-up of the discussions, lists, memes, tags and giveaways.

Crew update

It’s never two late to join the SciFiMonth crew! Say hello to Dr Laura Tisdall and Priya at Tabula Rasa. Welcome aboard, folks 🚀

Book Reviews

TV & Movie Reviews

Interviews & Guest Posts

It’s been another chatty week aboard the good ship SciFiMonth, and authors are very much part of the conversation!

Over at Parsecs and Parchment, JonBob chatted to Erica L Satifka about cyberpunk and her new book Busted Synapses, and invited Corey J White to dreamcast a director to bring Repo Virtual to the big screen (along with many other great questions about Corey’s work).

Jake celebrated the release of Nophek Gloss by asking Essa Hansen to share her journey to publishing her debut novel. Arina dared debut novelist Nadia Afifi to let her protagonist introduce her (you’d be right to think heroine Amira Valdez promptly gave her creator a hard time. Protagonists, eh?)

Here at There’s Always Room For One More, I challenged KB Wagers to pop by for a round of Six Degrees of SFnal Separation, which they did with aplomb!


SciFiMonth Read-Along: Golden Witchbreed

Christie’s travels across Orthe continue in Golden Witchbreed – this week sees her back on the run, uncertain who to trust (except for the mercenary who tried to assassinate her that time, because he’s definitely got her back. Right? Right). Cue musings on the nuances of language, the question of what gets lost in translation, the Orthean concept of loyalty, the universality of prejudice and why on earth this interfering old alien has a German name.

Book Forager | There’s Always Room For One More


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Right – time to set our course for another week and see what delights SciFiMonth has in store…