SciFiMonth 2020: get ready for shenanigans

With the start of SciFiMonth just a week away, we’re counting down to launch. Time to dig out old star charts, draw up ambitious plans for discovering – or creating – new life forms, decide where to start knocking on the walls of reality to open doors to parallel dimensions… or maybe just figure out our TBRs and blog content. If you’re looking for some ideas, we’re here to help.

As always, we’re looking forward to a month of reviews, discussions, recommendations, opinions and nonsense as we invite you to share your enthusiasm for all things science fictional.

If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got a read-along lined up for Mary Gentle’s classic Golden Witchbreed (full details) and we’ve rustled up a month’s worth of prompts as inspiration for posts (or for you to combine into a blog tag) or for you to use as a photo prompt on Instagram, Litsy or Twitter:

01/11/2020 Your SciFiMonth TBR
02/11/2020 Can’t stop the signal
03/11/2020 Big decisions
04/11/2020 Celebrate a subgenre
05/11/2020 Traitor or rebel
06/11/2020 Need for speed
07/11/2020 #StackSaturday
08/11/2020 Can’t wait to read
09/11/2020 Change the world
10/11/2020 Sentient spaceships
11/11/2020 They shall not grow old
12/11/2020 Modern classic
13/11/2020 Under-rated
14/11/2020 Alien invasion
15/11/2020 Current read
16/11/2020 Is there anybody there?
17/11/2020 Generation ship
18/11/2020 Golden oldie
19/11/2020 What a guy
20/11/2020 Bear witness
21/11/2020 It’s good to talk
22/11/2020 #ShelfieSunday
23/11/2020 Phone home
24/11/2020 Comfort read
25/11/2020 Spine poetry
26/11/2020 Share and enjoy
27/11/2020 That’s not how I remember it
28/11/2020 Stand back, I’m going to try science
29/11/2020 Book rainbow
30/11/2020 Favourite SciFiMonth read

Finding one of the prompts confusing? There are supporting notes explaining what inspired them and in some cases suggesting a direction you might like to take them in. You don’t have to though – feel free to interpret as broadly as you wish!

Join the crew

There’s always room for one more (and then some) aboard the good ship SciFiMonth – if you’d like to join us for 30 days of SFnal shenanigans, you’re very welcome.

Sign up here to let us know you’ll be joining us and you can enter our sign-up giveaway! Anyone who signs up and makes a SciFiMonth post before November 7th can enter the draw to win a copy of Seven Devils by Elizabeth May and Laura Lam (the inspiration for this year’s banners).


Share your plans

Our navigation chart – aka the the master schedule in GoogleDocs – is set up and ready for you to add links to your posts when you get that far. This is how Lisa and I keep track of what’s going on – if you add your posts to the schedule, your posts will get promoted once SciFiMonth starts and included in a weekly Mission Log!

Fly the flag

If you’d like to add a SciFiMonth graphic on your blog or social channels, you’re very welcome to choose one from the gallery – just remember to credit the artist. 

ARTWORK by Tithi Luadthong from

QUOTE from Seven Devils by Elizabeth May & Laura Lam