Ready to get Spooktastic?

Spooktastic Reads: a Wyrd and Wonder mini-event happening 19-31 October

October is here: leaves are a-crunching, pumpkin spice is a-calling and Spooktastic Reads is nearly upon us. Will you join us for Wyrd and Wonder’s annual celebration of dark fantasy, Gothic horror and autumnal scares?

Spooktastic Reads is a Wyrd and Wonder mini-event, in which my co-hosts Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story and I spend the 13 days up to Hallowe’en thrilling at eldritch nightmares and haunted houses. I’m not a big reader of horror because I’m a total wimp, so this is my chance to snuggle under a blanket (after I’ve locked the doors and closed the curtains) and catch up on the scarier parts of my TBR in good company.

As you’d expect from a Wyrd and Wonder event, the more the merrier: you are cordially invited to join us by the fire to swap tall tales. There’s no obligations except to be kind and – if you do post something – to share. Whether you hang out on Twitter or post a flurry of blog posts and instagram pics, you will be very welcome. 

How do I take part?

Spooktastic Reads is a casual mini-event, which means no formalities and no sign up. Join in by using the #SpooktasticReads tag on Twitter and Instagram so we can come share your adventures from the safety of our well-lit sofas; or link your blog posts back to an announcement post and we’ll venture into the dark to follow in your footsteps.

Consider yourself challenged

Spooktastic Reads may be casual, but it wouldn’t be a Wyrd and Wonder event without a prompt challenge! We’ve got a prompt a day for you to use (if you wish) as inspiration for a blog tag, a photo challenge, a daily recommendation tweet – or in whatever other ingenious way you devise.

19/10/2020Spooktastic recommendations
21/10/2020Dark fantasy
23/10/2020Mythic horror
25/10/2020Urban legends
26/10/2020Things that go bump in the night
27/10/2020CSI WTF
29/10/2020Gothic thriller
30/10/2020Ancient curses
31/10/2020Hallowe’en scares

What will your Spooktastic Reads be?


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