SciFiMonth 2020: hailing all channels

#SciFiMonth: 1-30 November 2020

The engines are warming and the leisurely countdown has begun (we like plenty of time to be sure we don’t forget any books): the good ship SciFiMonth has booked its launch slot and is welcoming crew aboard. Time to talk crew’s quarters, navigation charts and the gorgeous 2020 design kit!

There’s been an amazing response to this year’s announcement of our annual scifi blogstravaganza – your co-pilots are humbled and overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone who has signed up and boosted the signal already, and hats off to those who already have blog posts up: you’re amazing! We’re all set for this to be the biggest, loudest, most fun SciFiMonth yet.

Join the crew

What’s that? You’re not on the crew yet? Never fear – the joy of a virtual geekship is there’s no limit on how many of us can leap aboard, and social distancing comes as standard. You’re very welcome to join us in November for 30 days of fannish flailing, buddy reads, insightful reviews, genre chitchat, and whatever else takes our collective fancies. This is the friendliest crew in the galaxy, with broad tastes and big hearts. We also make a mean cup of tea.

Sign up here to let us know you’ll be joining the fun so we can boost your signal come November. Plus this year we have not one but two sign-up giveaways (more details).

Navigation charts

We track our course in a master schedule in GoogleDocs. This helps Lisa and I find your posts and boost the signal, sharing them through the SciFiMonth twitter feeds and weekly Mission Logs. As the crew gets bigger and the away teams head off in every which direction, it gets harder for us to keep track without a bit of help…

Feel free to add things to the schedule in advance – we’ll check on the day to see if it actually got posted. Blogging – like most things in life – doesn’t always work out as expected, and when we’re exploring parallel universes and alternate timelines it’s easy for plans to get a bit squiffy. No worries – we’ll just leave the lights on and get a restorative cuppa ready for you when you get back.

Not a planning sort of person? No problem – just add your posts to the schedule when they go live so we don’t miss your tales of adventure.

Wear the badge

Want to beat the SciFiMonth drum on your own channels? You’re welcome to use our official banners and buttons on your blog or social media channels, but please don’t make any changes (except to resize them if needed) – and please remember to include an image credit.

ARTWORK by Tithi Luadthong from

QUOTE from Seven Devils by Elizabeth May & Laura Lam

Note: the gorgeous artwork is not royalty-free, but has been licensed for use to promote the event online.

That’s it for this week – watch out for another update in a couple of weeks with schedule details for our two read-alongs!