Spooktastic Reads: Wyrd and Wonder gets creepy

Spooktastic Reads: a Wyrd and Wonder mini-event happening 19-31 October

Wyrd and Wonder seems like a long-ago dream, but there’s time for more fantasy flailing before year’s end. We’re delighted to confirm Spooktastic Reads will be back to venture into the darker reaches of fantasy for 13 days leading up to Hallowe’en. Are you brave enough to join us?

What’s a Spooktastic Read?

With the nights getting longer and the weather drawing in, autumn is the perfect time to snuggle up with a fantasy read. Your Wyrd and Wonder team will be lighting candles and stocking our TBRs with dark fantasy, ghost stories, urban legends, Gothic romances and all-out horror as we celebrate the creepier end of the genre with Spooktastic Reads.

So what are we looking for? Whatever you fancy, so long as its some sort of spooky! In spite of the bookish name, Spooktastic Reads is not limited to books.

Me, I’ve got two(!) Gothic thrillers and a zombie apocalypse on the cards, and as usual I’m working on a haunting Top Ten Tuesday. Lisa has been muttering about us livetweeting a horror movie (I predict my contribution will be <squeak> <squeak> <SQUEAK>) …and I can’t resist, so watch this space for a #SpooktasticReads prompt challenge at the start of October.

When is it?

Spooktastic Reads takes places across the 13 days (because of course it does) from October 19th until midnight on Hallowe’en.

How do I take part?

This is a casual mini-event, which means no formalities and no sign up. Just join the conversation in October. We want to share your adventures from the safety of our well-lit sofas, so as you blog – or livetweet – or Instagram – your way through spooky fantasy content please tag #SpooktasticReads and @WyrdAndWonder.

Will you venture into the dark with us?


ARTWORK by Sergey Nivens from 123RF.com

The gorgeous artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use the banner if you are joining in, but please do not make any changes (except to resize as needed). As always, please credit the artist!