Coming soon: the Kushiel’s Dart read-along #ReadAsThouWilt

Kushiel's Dart: a #WyrdAndWonder Read-along

It’s nearly time to return to Terre d’Ange! The Wyrd & Wonder read-along of Kushiel’s Dart kicks off at the start of September for six weeks of swooning, gushing, (back)stabbing, screaming and sober analysis (other reactions may also apply).

Jacqueline Carey’s debut made waves with good reason. It’s a lushly written, sexually-liberated fantasy of love and treachery, politics and pain. Phèdre nó Delaunay carries Kushiel’s red mote in her eye, marking her out as the chosen of the Lord’s angel of justice. Protected by a judgemental warrior, directed by the Queen’s spymaster, Phèdre will be trained to seduce vicious people into revealing their secrets so that she can avert harm to her beloved Terre d’Ange. Can even Kushiel’s Dart endure what lies before her?

Jacqueline Carey came in for much love during this year’s Wyrd & Wonder, so we’re back this autumn to celebrate the epic doorstop that started it all. Fancy a reread? So do we. Always wondered what the fuss was about? Join us and find out.

Content warnings: topics include BDSM, dubious consent, instances of self-harm, mention of suicide, and incredibly purple prose.

Discussion Schedule

A Wyrd and Wonder read-along is a casual buddy read. We’ll be reading about 150 pages per week, with weekly discussion prompts for blog posts and/or chat in the comments of the weekly host blog. Read at your own pace, but please, no spoilers for advance chapters in posts or chat comments. If you fall behind, you can be sure we’ll still be happy to chat later when you catch up.

Discussions will start on Thursday, 3rd September:

  • Week One | Beginning through end Chapter Sixteen hosted here at There’s Always Room For One More
  • Week Two | Chapter Seventeen – Thirty-one hosted by Susan at Dab of Darkness
  • Week Three| Chapter Thirty-two – Forty-seven hosted by Zezee with Books
  • Week Four | Chapter Forty-eight – Sixty-one hosted by Mayri at BookForager
  • Week Five | Chapter Sixty-two – Seventy-nine hosted by Peat Long
  • Week Six | Chapter Eighty through the end hosted by Lisa at Dear Geek Place

Fancy joining in? You are more than welcome – just drop a comment on the host’s post and/or on the Goodreads group each week with a link to your thoughts; or tag us on Twitter @wyrdandwonder #ReadAsThouWilt