Quest Log The Fourth: undefeated

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Can you believe how far our Wyrd and Wonder journey has taken us? What a few weeks it’s been – this fourth round-up of your adventures is as epic as any that have gone before! Before we tackle the last week, let’s take a moment to take a look back at the chatter along the road.

This week, I’m focusing on discussions and interviews; Lisa has your reviews and random treasure over at Dear Geek Place; and Jorie will be sharing her second round-up of Challenge tweets at Jorie Loves A Story later this week.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…


We’ve had some big questions recently, kicking off with the thorny question of genre boundaries as Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable considered whether Star Wars is fantasy or scifi (or both? Both is good!).

Annemieke reflected on the often-disappointingly familiar gender roles portrayed in fantasy and looked at some reads that reject them in favour of constructing a new paradigm.

Jessticulates explored whether alternative histories (should) have ethical boundaries through the lens of two recent titles whose blurbs made me see red (yes, I’m a bit of a history nerd; your mileage may vary). She also made a solid case for British towns and cities that deserve to be fantasy locations (hell yes – there are surely enough London-based fantasies at this point). Less contentiously, she also had a round-up of her thoughts on this year’s Hugo Award nominees.

Lists and recommendations

What’s that? You’ve got some room in your Bag of Holding? Not for long – our adventurers have some books you’re going to want to stash in there…

You know the old saying of don’t judge a book by its cover? That’s all well and good, but Wyrd and Wonder is here to celebrate the artists as well as the authors! Erin showcased the artwork for four favourite series and I tried to pinpoint what elements are sure to have me loving the cover of a fantasy book.


Top Five Tuesday (hosted by The Bionic Bookworm) and Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) always provide a good excuse to make TBRs creak! As usual, there have been some fabulously Wyrd and Wonder flavoured diversions from the official prompts:

This year’s favourite Wyrd and Wonder tag is shaping up to be the always-delightful 5 Star (Fantasy) Books in 5 Words (created by Matthew Sciarappa). This week’s entries are a double helping from SJ Higbee (and Mr Higbee) at Brainfluff and a joint entry from The Captain and First Mate at Captain’s Quarters.


It’s been a busy week for interviews:

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

So much challenge goodness to share! Jorie has a recap of the Challenge activity on Twitter, while I’ve got a round-up of your long-form responses and a few picks from this week’s activity on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out #WyrdAndWonder on Instagram to see the rest.

So much challenge goodness to share! Jorie will be hosting a recap of the Challenge activity on Twitter, while I’ve got a round-up of your long-form responses and a few picks from this week’s activity on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out #WyrdAndWonder on Instagram to see the rest.

Day 18 | Celebrate a storyteller – Peat Long sang the praises of classic author David Gemmell. Jake shared his gateway author into fantasy: Tamora Pierce


Day 19 | I like big books and I cannot lie – no surprises that a party full of fantasy readers have a lot of big books on their shelves!

Day 20 | With great power comes great responsibility – Natrosette considered characters who take responsibility in spite of lacking the powers. Caitlin argued you can’t get much more powerful than the gods – even when they’re dead…


Day 21 | Beyond the binary – the Tensorate novellas have had a few nods this week, because they’re epic, original and devastating. Lisa made them her pick for day 21

Day 22 | Tall ships and tall kings, three times three… A mythic Tolkien quote for World Maritime Day? Any excuse to revel in maritime fantasy (and share our mutual love of m(urd)ermaids)… Julia gets bonus points for octopus plushies (AAAAAH)

Day 23 | Comfort reading – what books do you turn to when you need a literary hug? Mayri the Bookforager has a manga rec (and the most comforting looking reading buddy)


Day 24 | Consummate professional was wide open to interpretation (and accessorising with pointy objects), but I loved Gerry’s unexpected take (‘scuse me, need to go update my TBR)

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Day 24 of Wyrd & Wonder is all about the Consummate Professional. Or not, as the case may be. . . The Bees is one of the weirdest books that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Think Watership Down but well… with bees. . . Flora 717 is one of many bees born into the ‘flora’ or sanitation class of the hive. Her role? A mute, unthinking cleaner who has her place & that’s where she should stay. Except she’s not mute & she’s certainly not unthinking. Does she stay where she was placed? What do you think? 😉 . . This is a great allegory of class systems, politics, religious fervour & rising above your circumstances to fulfil your potential. So no, Flora 717 is not a consummate professional by any stretch of the imagination but then we wouldn’t have a story if she was. . . Also, bees are great. Don’t harm them, we need them! . . P.S swipe left to see my ‘helper’ assisting. . . 🐝 What book or character do you think of when you think of a professional? . 🐝 Alternatively, who do you think *really* isn’t one?! . 🐝 What’s the weirdest book you’ve read that somehow works & you’ve liked it? . . #wyrdandwonder #wyrdandwonder2020 #consummateprofessional #ornot #books #bookloversofinstagram #bookwormlife #booknerd #bookish #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #bookbloggerlife #bibliophile #bookstagramuk #readersofinstagram #thebees #lalinepaull #letshereitforthebees

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The Goblin Emperor read-along is nearly over, and it’s fair to say all our emotions are set to FULL (at least three of us have been unable to resist zooming to the finish after the events of week 3). Lisa will post questions for the final week’s read on Goodreads midweek.

Our thoughts so far:

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A word from your hosts

A heartfelt nod to you all who added your links to the Master schedule – it reduces what can be a full day’s task into a couple of hours, which your hosts are all deeply appreciative of.

Right, let’s squeeze in one more round of adventures before we run out of May!