Quest Log The Second: adventures ahoy!

Wyrd and Wonder - celebrate the fantastic

Out across the wild worlds of fantasy, the adventurers went in search of adventures. Some went alone. Some went with buddies. Some traversed the same worlds by different paths. And from time to time, they gathered back at the tavern to hear the bards sing the news of their journeying.

Welcome to the second week of Wyrd and Wonder. What a delightful party this is proving to be – we’re loving the reviews and the photo challenge, the chat and discussions buzzing around the blogs and on Twitter. I’m particularly loving seeing new friendships sparked over a common love of fantasy – that’s what it’s all about, folks!

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to keep up (I’ve had a busy week at work myself) – once again, Lisa and I have compiled a Quest Log to pull together the many threads of this weeks’ conversations. This week, I’ll be focusing on discussions and interviews; you can find the week’s reviews and other random treasure over at Dear Geek Place.

Now – grab yourself a flagon of your favourite drink, and let’s settle in…


Some new faces in the tavern this week! Say hello to our newest adventurers: Carrie of I Can Has Books, Brittany of Perfectly Tolerable, Gerry of the Book Nook UK, Jean Lee of Jean Lee’s World and Mervi of Mervi’s Book Reviews. Plus we met some familiar faces on the Twitter roads: the Wyrd and Wonder challenge has tempted Mike ‘Everest’ Evans, (Not?) James Latimer and Rebecca to join the party.


  • Sammie of The Bookwyrm’s Den is the winner of our Sign-up Giveaway! A copy of The Bone Ships will be setting sail this week.
  • Hoping to win something yourself? Watch out for Tammy’s giveaway at the end of May


It’s been a good week of posts to sink your teeth into. Annemieke at A Dance with Books took a look at the importance of knowing your sub-genres. Not sure where magical realism stops and fabulism starts? Don’t worry, she has you covered. Jessticulates examined how internalised misogyny can affect our perception of fictional characters with the adept aid of Lady Trent (warning: spoilers for her Memoirs). And Wandering Lynn took on the big question – what counts as fantasy, anyway?

Elsewhere, fantastical creatures have been a hot topic! Last week, Jessticulates mourned the lack of centaur fiction; this week Sia of Every Book a Doorway focused on unicorns in fiction (please swing by to share your recommendations) and Wandering Lynn picked three favourite fantasy creatures (…that are also under-represented in fiction if you ask me). While we’re talking fantasy creatures, Jessticulates had five great reasons you should get your hands on a copy of Certain Dark Things, Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s awesome Mexican vampire novel.

Lists and recommendations

We had a few more intros and TBRs as the party settled in for the month:

We’ve had some adventurers lament the impact Wyrd and Wonder has had on their TBRs already. All we can say is: if your shelves are full, look away now. Otherwise, get our your notebooks and open your bags of holding, because the party have plenty more to tempt you with…


Top Five Tuesday (hosted by The Bionic Bookworm) and Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) are always a good excuse for a fun list. For Wyrd and Wonder many of us are ignoring the weekly prompts in favour of a fantasy focus:

Time for some 5 Star (Fantasy) Books in 5 Words (created by Matthew Sciarappa)? You bet. First up, we’ve got Mayri the Book Forager and Jenna of Falling Letters taking the challenge. DeeZee of Dragons and Zombies turned it into a Top Ten Tuesday (I may never stop laughing at this take on the Malazan).

…and Sammie of The Bookwyrm’s Den explained which characters she’d invite to her birthday party.


We’ve had a few interviews this week too:

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

The challenge continues to be pure delight – I’m loving all the different interpretations of the prompts! I strongly recommend you check out #WyrdAndWonder on Instagram (maybe we need a second tag for Twitter to make the challenge tweets easier to find?), as I’m mostly focusing on blog posts again this week. Mostly.

Day 4 | Rebellions are built on hope

Day 5 | Confounding expectations 

Day 6 | Goblins


Day 7 | Under-rated

Day 8 | Can’t wait to read

Day 9 | #StackSaturday

Day 10 | Spine poetry or Mother’s Day

Hat’s off to Gerry of Book Nook UK for a spectacular piece of spine poetry!


The Goblin Emperor read-along has well and truly started! It’s not too late to catch up if you wish to join us – this week we’ll be reading Chapters 10 through 17. Lisa will post questions on Goodreads midweek.

Our thoughts so far: Dear Geek Place | Book Forager | Lynn’s Books | Natrosette | Peat Long | There’s Always Room For One More | Word Wilderness | Zezee with Books

Anyone chipping in who has read the book / series – please, no spoilers!

Last but not least

Many thanks to all of you who have added your links to the Master schedule – it really does make the process of compiling the Quest Logs much easier.

Now – shall we get back on the road? There are dragons to find!