Book tags: my fantasy bucket list

Wyrd and Wonder 2020

I got this perfectly Wyrd and Wonder-shaped tag from Dragons and Zombies, who got it from the Little Book Owl – but they weren’t sure where it originated. I applied my well-honed spy skills and it seems we can thank Toast Dragon Fantasy over on Booktube. Day 2 of Wyrd and Wonder and I’m thanking a dragon already. Perfect.

So! Let’s get to it – what would be on my fantasy bucket list?

A fictional world that you would like to tour

Wait, I can only tour one? How about a Grand Tour of several – a Round The Imagination trip, if you will – where I blow all my retirement funds seeing the places I’ve been dreaming about? No? Pfffppptt.

I’m torn here, as I’d really like to tour Melissa Caruso’s Eruvia and see the Serene City and (very carefully and for a carefully limited amount of time, ahem) visit the forests of Vaskandar.

…but if I can only have one, I’m going to have to stay with the world that’s been with me the longest: Middle-Earth. That’s a tour that could take me a good long time, since – hey, fantasy bucket list – I’ll be engaging in some Middle-Earthen time travel to

…see the splendours of Beleriand, but especially Gondolin, Nargothrond and Menegroth (with my elf ears on; for crying out loud Thingol);

…linger in the music-soaked halls of Rivendell and tarry in Lothlórien through a full turn of its seasonal splendour (better keep those elf ears handy, sigh);

…explore the great realm and city of the Dwarrowdelf before its fall;

…sip wine in Laketown and admire Erebor from afar;

…ride in the foothills of Rohan to see the spire of Orthanc;

…marvel at the cities and crafts of Men: gaze across the river from Minas Anor to the towers of Minas Ithil, dance in the palaces of Osgiliath, and of course visit the Court of the Fountain to see the White Tree

…and recover from my travels with a quiet week or two enjoying the hospitality of the Shire before turning to the Grey Havens.

I’m assuming that I wouldn’t be able to pass the borders of Valinor (false elf ears only go so far), but perhaps I might catch a glimpse across the sea.

I still won’t feel I’ve done more than scratch the surface, however many months it will take me to get from one place to another via the plains and mountains. Maybe an Eagle would be willing to help me see a bit more?

A specific place that you would like to visit

Having toured Middle-Earth as thoroughly as I can, this is a perfect excuse to go somewhere else! Brilliant. This one’s easy: I’d like to walk the streets of Camorr (erm, with a suitable bodyguard) at Falselight and see the city aglow.

A character that you would like to meet

I had a bit of a moment here, caught between ‘AAAAH MEET THE PERSON’ and the knowledge I would be overwhelmed by shyness and/or that we’d not really have anything in common to talk about it or maybe they’d just eat me (ah, dragons) so it could all be very awkward.

And then I realised: there’s a character I’d love to meet, who would put me at my ease and who I could talk to for hours about the things she’s seen and done without really pausing to get self-conscious.

Hell yes, I’m off to drink wine with Vintage de Grazon.

An event you would like to witness

Looking back at other posts, people seem to have translated this as witnessing pivotal events in beloved stories, which never even occurred to me. Whether it’s weeks of lockdown tempting me out to have fun or a subconscious assumption that I’d not be surviving anything climactic, I found myself thinking of big fantasy events known for their grandeur and delight.

On that note, I’m off to visit a dressmaker because I’m pretty sure I have nothing fine enough for what I have in mind: attending the Midwinter Masque at Cereus House to enjoy the Court of Night Blooming Flowers at its height on Longest Night.

A sport/activity you would like to try

I have a curiosity in archery – which seems a waste of a fantasy bucket list, I can do that across the river – but a fantasy sport? I can barely think of three, and I wouldn’t be interested in trying any of them. So hooray for the word ‘activity’ because that means I can go dragon riding!

A weapon you would like to wield

…I’m as disinterested in wielding weapons as I am in sports, but I think this technically classes as a weapon although I don’t see combat as it’s primary use*: Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Now there’s a fascinating thing to be able to use, plus I’m assuming – fantasy bucket list – I get to learn how to expertly cast a lasso into the bargain, which would be awesome.

*yes, yes, she uses it to catch bad guys – but Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a favourite of mine, and I’m pretty clear what he had in mind. Bet that’s not what Gal Gadot gets up to, though. Sadly.

An item you would like to use

Hermione’s time turner. Obviously. Have you heard me talk about my TBR and reading plans?

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