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Wyrd and Wonder 2020

Summon your friends! Stock up your book bags of holding! Fear no creaking TBR! It’s May the 1st and you know what that means: it’s the start of an epic month of celebrating the fantastic with Wyrd and Wonder.

Welcome to our third Wyrd and Wonder adventure. Our baby fantasy love-in is now an epic blogstravaganza: over 60 of you (OH MY WORD FOLKS) have signed up to join us as we set out in search of myths and legends; venture through ten thousand doors into other worlds; dare the ferocity of dragons and the kindness of strangers; and risk the imminent explosive expansion of our TBRs.

Brace yourself for a web-wide onslaught of enthusiasm for all things fantasy…

Who has joined the party?

A moment, I need a big swig of tea to wet my throat for this.

Ahem, roll call time!

Welcome back to Wyrd and Wonder veterans Annemieke of A Dance with Books, Beth’s Bookish Thoughts, Mayri the Bookforager, the Bookish Muggle, Nikki the Bibliophibian, Jen at the Book Den, Tammy of Bones, Books & Buffy, Sarah of Dragons and Zombies, David of Ecclesbert1’s blog, Jenna of Falling Letters, the Fiction Addiction, Hannah of I Have Thoughts On Books, Jessticulates, Lynn’s Books, Charlotte of Mug Full of Books, Katrina of Read, Ruminate, Write, Caitlin of Realms of My MindTerrible Timy of Rockstarlit Book Asylum, Maddalena of Space and Sorcery, Susy’s Cosy World, Anouk of Time for Tales and Tea, Lisa of Way Too Fantasy, and Zezee with Books.

Pass the tea?

Ta. Right:

We continue our quest to tempt our SciFiMonth crew to join our fantasy flailing and this year we’re delighted to lure over Neil of Al Alhambra, Mogsy at the Bibliosanctum, SJ Higbee of Brainfluff, Maryam the Curious SFF Reader, Maxine of Maxine’s Obsessions and Kirsten of Video Games as Literature. Welcome also to Louise of Foxes and Fairytales by way of Spooktastic Reads, Wyrd and Wonder’s autumnal lil sister.

But that’s not everyone! The following fresh-faced adventurers are joining our ranks this year: Acqua of Acquadimore Books, Allison Alexander, Kriti of Armed with a Book, Rowena of Beneath a Thousand Skies, Sammie of The Bookwyrm’s Den, D H Willison, Dianthaa Dabbles, Erynn of the Dragon Hourglass, Sia of Every Book a Doorway, Giulia of Every Fandom Has A Story, the Fantasy Hive, Line the First Line Reader, Les Fleurs Bleues, Lila of Hardcover Haven, Katlyn, Akylina of The Literary Sisters, Natasha of Natrosette, Nandini of Novels and Nebulas, Arina the Paperback Voyager, JonBob of Parsecs and Parchment, Peat Long, Pendo of Pendoland, Liz of Redd’s Reads, Ola and Piotrek of Re-enchantment of the World, Robin Kirk, Roll to Save, Alex of Spells and Spaceships, Ollie of That Guy Reading, Rin of The Thirteenth Shelf, Wandering Lynn, Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub, Caroline of The Worlds of SFF and Word Wilderness.

Last but not least, let’s hear it for my fantastic co-hosts Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Jorie Loves a Story!

Forget the tea, it’s time for something cold with bubbles in it – this year is set to be our biggest party yet. No dungeon will go uncrawled, no dragon unbothered (with invitations to tea), no heroes unexamined, no worlds unexplored… ahem, I may be getting carried away. Let’s get started, shall we?

Is there room for one more?

Altogether now: there’s always room for one more! If you fancy joining the party, you’re absolutely welcome – we don’t bar the doors once May gets started. Keep an eye on #WyrdAndWonder to follow what everyone is getting up to, and add your name to the rolls so we know to check in on you when we settle down by the fire to compose the Quest Log each week.

What will be happening?

Let me check my crystal ball (aka the Master Schedule) – right now, I see a future of reviews, book photography, interviews, read-alongs, giveaways, book launches, essays and discussions – in fact, you’ve planned over 70 posts already and it’s only the first day! Either you’re the most organised party we’ve ever met (take a badge) or anything could happen from here… or both? My money is on both.

Looking for inspiration? We can help: we’ve got suggestions for top ten lists and book tags; there’s a read-along of The Goblin Emperor (first discussion next Wednesday); and after a gentle nudge (you know who you are), we’ve got the usual prompt challenge to help inspire you throughout the month.

Most importantly, do whatever you want to do. Wyrd and Wonder is the sort of party where you chill out around the fire swapping stories with like-minded people. There’s no obligations except to be kind and – if you do post something – to share. If you just fancy hanging out in the comments, that’s cool too – we’re all here to celebrate one of our favourite genres. 

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

It’s back! We’ve got a prompt a day for you to use (or not) as you see fit. Choose one, choose a few, choose them all – it’s written as a photo challenge, but you can write a blog post for one, make a book tag from several, tweet a book / movie / game recommendation – you find new ways each year to use our prompts, and we’re always delighted by the results.

This year’s prompts

01/05/2019 Your Wyrd and Wonder TBR
02/05/2019 Start here (get into fantasy)
03/05/2019 The best things come in threes
04/05/2019 Rebellions are built on hope (Happy Star Wars Day!)
05/05/2019 Confounding expectations
06/05/2019 Goblins
07/05/2019 Under-rated
08/05/2019 Can’t wait to read
09/05/2019 #StackSaturday
10/05/2019 Spine poetry OR Mother’s Day
11/05/2019 Take the world by storm
12/05/2019 Myths and legends
13/05/2019 A friend in need
14/05/2019 Out of this world
15/05/2019 Currently reading
16/05/2019 Wicked
17/05/2019 #ShelfieSunday
18/05/2019 Celebrate a storyteller
19/05/2019 I like big books and I cannot lie
20/05/2019 With great power comes great responsibility
21/05/2019 Beyond the binary
22/05/2019 Tall ships and tall kings,
three times three.
What brought they from the foundered land
over the flowing sea?
Seven stars and seven stones
and one white tree.
23/05/2019 Comfort reading
24/05/2019 Consummate professional
25/05/2019 #MapMonday
26/05/2019 Mic drop
27/05/2019 Not all heroes wear capes
28/05/2019 As you wish
29/05/2019 Book rainbow
30/05/2019 Fond farewells
31/05/2019 Fave Wyrd & Wonder read

Finding a prompt a bit obscure? It’s intentional – the idea is to let you go in any direction you wish, but there are some suggestions in the supporting notes if you’re not sure where to start.

Quest Log

The easiest way to keep track of everything going on (at least on Twitter, Instagram and Litsy) is by checking the #WyrdAndWonder hashtag. As usual, there’ll also be a weekly round-up of links in the Quest Logs here at There’s Always Room for One More and over at Dear Geek Place each Monday.

If you want to be included in the Quest Logs, please remember to add your posts to our master schedule as well as tagging #WyrdAndWonder.

What will you be reading during Wyrd and Wonder?


IMAGE CREDIT: Flaming phoenix by Sujono Sujono | Decorative phoenix by Tanantachai Sirival – both from 123RF.com

If you’d like to raise the banners on your own blog, you’re welcome to. Download this year’s graphics from our archive.