Wyrd and Wonder: what will I be reading?

Wyrd and Wonder - celebrate the fantastic

It’s just ten days to go until a month of Wyrd and Wonder! I’ll once again be spending May celebrating the fantastic with a band of like-minded dreamers. I can’t resist starting to plan what I’ll be reading, and if you fancy a challenge I have some suggestions for you…

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual blogstravaganza focused on fantasy in all its flavours – high, low, grim, heroic, epic, cosy, urban, portal, and the rest (one article identifies 50 fantasy subgenres; and if they got that specific they probably missed a few, right?) – and all its forms. We’ll be talking books, movies, podcasts, art, music, gaming and anything else that takes our fancy on our blogs and social media feeds.

Best laid plans

Me, I’m a bookworm, so I’ll mostly be talking books – and you know that means I haven’t been able to resist putting together a TBR.

I’m never going to make it through all of these, am I? Shh, I know. Turns out I read less during global pandemics, so I’ll be lucky to read half – and I’ll no doubt get distracted and read something else anyway, but I won’t feel bad. After all, there’s no rule that says I have to stop reading fantasy when May is over…

Join the party

We love to read with old friends and make new ones by sharing our enthusiasm. It’s an anxious time out there in the real world – don’t worry, Wyrd and Wonder is primarily about chilling out and chatting about our favourite genre, no obligations, no pressure. So if that appeals, meet us at the tavern next to the library and bring a book bag. Sign up to let us know to expect you – those who sign up before May 1st and manage to post in the first week of May can enter our giveaway – winner’s choice of The Goblin Emperor, The Bone Ships or The Library of the Unwritten. 

See you in May?


IMAGE CREDIT: Flaming phoenix by Sujono SujonoDecorative phoenix by Tanantachai Sirival – both from 123RF.com

If you’d like to raise the banners on your own blog, you’re welcome to. Download this year’s graphics from our archive.