5 Star SF Books In 5 Words

SciFiMonth 2019: Adventure works in any strand (background image of a spaceship soaring away from a planet or moon, a distant star gleaming)

Lauren at Always Me brought the 5 Star Books In 5 Words tag (originally created by Matthew Sciarappa) to #SciFiMonth and damn straight I can’t resist it.

So, how does this work?

  • Choose 5 books that you awarded 5 stars (I’m sticking to SF for SciFiMonth, but you don’t have to!)
  • Pick 5 words to describe why you love each book
  • No explanations, no context! …so some of the words may make no sense if you haven’t read the book yet

It takes a lot to get 5 stars out of me – I almost always waver and award 4.5 stars For Reasons (not that I give away 4.5 stars very often either). Even knowing this to be true, I was surprised just how far back I had to go to find 5 most recent 5 star SF reads (and now of course I want to reread them all, AND all the 4.5 star reads just to see whether I was being too harsh).


The Calculating Stars – Mary Robinette Kowal

Book cover: The Calculating Stars - Mary Robinette Kowal (a group of women silhouetted against a starry sky)

Astronauts – Meteorite – Equality – Anxiety – Love

Tiamat’s Wrath (Expanse #8) – James S A Corey

Book cover: Tiamat's Wrath - James S A Corey

Growth – Transformation – Loss – Schadenfreude – Goths

Shelter – Dave Hutchinson

Book cover: Shelter - Dave Hutchinson (a man walks towards a cottage against a lurid red-yellow sky)

Apocalypse – Waterlogged – Narrow – Personal – Understated

The Citadel of Weeping Pearls – Aliette de Bodard

Book cover: The Citadel of Weeping Pearls - Aliette de Bodard (an Asian woman in flowing red dress sits on a dragon throne against a backdrop of stars and towers. Seriously gorgeous, this one)

Sweeping – Regret – Family – Obsession – Reconciliation

The Space Between The Stars – Ann Corlett

Book cover: The Space Between The Stars - Anne Corlett (a woman's silhouette against a pale blue sky)

Flupocalypse – Healing – Faith – Choices – Northumberland

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