Mission Status Update: #SciFiMonth is GO

#SciFiMonth 2019: 1-30 November (background image of a spaceship soaring away from a planet or moon, a distant star gleaming)

Welcome to our biggest SciFiMonth yet! Our mentions exploded on November 1st, and the comm hasn’t stopped pinging since – we love you people ❤️

We saw at least 20 posts go live on day one alone this year, and the chat has never stopped – this looks set to be a storming SciFiMonth. With so much going on, Lisa and I will each host half the Mission Status each week: check out the first half of this week’s log at Dear Geek Place.

Before we get to my half of the update, a plea from your very impressed but slightly overwhelmed co-hosts…


Please please please  – add a link to the Navigation Chart (master schedule spreadsheet) if you want your blog posts included in these weekly round-ups. We do our best to catch everything going on, but with a crew this big it’s easy to miss posts when that pesky real life nonsense rears its mundane head.

Right, on with the fun bit!

Crew update

A few additional crew raced up the gangway before lift off – please say hello to Beth at Before We Go, Brian’s Book Blog, Faith the GeekyZooGirl, Laura Tisdall, Shantall and Books, veteran crew members Quill to Live and SJ Higbee (welcome back!), TS Chan of Novel Notions, Velvet of VVB32 Reads and Kate of For Winter Nights. Welcome aboard folks 🚀


One of the joys of SciFiMonth are the gorgeous pictures of everyone’s latest, greatest and longest-loved books. This week it’s all about the TBRs! Some of my favourites have awesome props – Faith has soulful Funkopops to help her with her ambitious stack, Lauren has the stars illuminating an awesome TBR. Lisa is letting this handsome pair of books do all the talking.

Enjoy the rest by searching for #SciFiMonth on Twitter, Instagram, or Litsy.



In case you’d missed it, we have not one but TWO read-alongs for you this month! I’m kicking off the fun with our read-along of Mary Doria Russell’s first contact classic The Sparrow on Wednesday (first weeks’ discussion prompts are available now in the Goodreads group):

  • Week 1 / Wednesday 6th: Prologue through Chapter 11
  • Week 2 / Wednesday 13th: Chapter 12-19
  • Week 3 / Wednesday 20th: Chapter 20-26
  • Week 4 / Wednesday 27th: Chapter 27- end

Banner - The Sparrow: A SciFiMonth Read-along

Lisa and Jorie will be hosting the next step in our Wayfarers read-along with Twitter chats (tune in to #) and blog discussions of Record of a Spaceborn Few each Friday for the next three weeks:

  • Week 1 / Friday 8th: Prologue & Part I
  • Week 2 / Friday 15th: Parts 2, 3 & 4
  • Week 3 / Friday 22nd: Parts 5, 6 & 7

SciFiMonth Read-along: Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers

Anyone chipping in who has read the books already – please, no spoilers!


  • Tammy will be giving away one of the books she discusses this month to a lucky winner – open internationally, keep an eye on Books, Bones & Buffy for details of how to enter
  • …and watch out for a new giveaway being announced next weekend here at There’s Always Room for One More!