SciFiMonth 2019: pre-flight checks

SciFiMonth 2019: Adventure works in any strand (background image of a spaceship soaring away from a planet or moon, a distant star gleaming)

A cheerful buzz of excitement is building aboard the good ship SciFiMonth. Star charts are scattered across the mess. Research papers and hazard assessments are stacked for review. The radio is on (so is the kettle). It’s just under a month to the start of our annual SF geekstravaganza! Are you ready?

Autumn is well and truly here, and it’s all go go go as we prepare for the launch of this year’s SciFiMonth. If you’re already considering your TBR and wondering what topics you want to wax enthusiastic about in November, we’ve got our usual pre-flight kit to help your prepare.

Join the crew

What’s that? You’re not on the crew yet? Never fear – there’s no limit on how many people we can fit on the good ship SciFiMonth! Fancy joining us for 30 days of fannish flailing, buddy reads, insightful reviews, genre chitchat, and whatever else takes our collective fancies? No prior experience required – we all love a newbie, and we promise we won’t give you a red shirt.

Sign up here to let us know you’ll be joining the fun so we can boost your signal come November. If you sign up before October 31st and post during the first week of the event, you can also enter our sign-up giveaway.

Navigation charts

As usual, we have a master schedule in GoogleDocs for you to share your plans. Lisa and I will use this to help us find your posts and keep track of what everyone is doing through November. If your posts are in the schedule, you can be sure we’ll boost your signal each day and include you in the weekly Mission Log round-up.

Don’t worry if your plans change completely or your post gets swept away into another timeline; blogging – like most things in life – doesn’t always work out as expected! We’ll send out a search and rescue party (if you need one) and put the kettle on for a restorative cuppa when you get back.

What’s that? You prefer to fly by the seat of your pants? That’s cool too – just add your posts to the schedule when they go live so we can come along for the ride.

Wear the badge

Want to beat the SciFiMonth drum on your own channels? You’re welcome to use our official banners and buttons on your blog or social media channels, but please don’t make any changes (except to resize them if needed) – and please remember to include an image credit.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from

QUOTE from This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

Fancy a sing-along?

One of the delights of Worldcon was meeting nerd parody band the Library Bards. Let’s get that SciFiMonth playlist started…

Crank up the bass, we’ll get the engines started soon!