The Winnowing Flame Read-along ends!

Read-along banner: The Poison Song, A #WyrdAndWonder Read-along

We delighted in The Ninth Rain and howled through The Bitter Twins. Will we ever be ready for The Poison Song? Probably not, but the time has come. Like any good rollercoaster, it’s best enjoyed with friends. Fancy joining us? You’re welcome!

@SFFReadalongs bring you the final leg of @WyrdAndWonder The Winnowing Flame read-along to get the autumn started. As usual, the format will be a buddy read with weekly prompts for blog posts or Goodreads discussion. It’s fine to pace yourself, it’s fine to zoom to the end (as long as you don’t spill spoilers to the rest of us). Anyone is welcome to join if The Poison Song is calling you!

Discussion Schedule

Casual is the name of the game, but we’ll broadly follow our schedule. Consider this a guide to the earliest date you can start discussing weekly prompts – it’s fine to post later:

  • Sunday 15th September | Beginning through end Chapter Nine
  • Sunday 22nd September | Chapter Ten – Nineteen
  • Sunday 29th September | Chapter Twenty – Thirty
  • Sunday 6th October | Chapter Thirty-one – Forty-two
  • Sunday 13th October | Chapter Forty-three through the end

Expect spoilers in questions and discussions from the get-go. We’ll post prompts on the Goodreads group midweek – if anyone fancies hosting a week to set the questions, just let me know which week, I’m happy to share.

Joining us? Let me know here or on Goodreads if you’ll be blogging and I’ll make sure to include you in any link-ups!