SciFiMonth 2019: reach for the stars

SciFiMonth 2019: 1-30 November (background image of a spaceship soaring away from a planet or moon, a distant star gleaming)

A quiet beep. The light on the console pulses more brightly, each burst longer than the last. A low hum. More lights flick on one by one. Finally, a chatter of noise: there’s a message coming in. Time to wake the crew. SciFiMonth is coming! Will you join us?

What is SciFiMonth?

The annual SF love-in will be back this November! Join us and read books set in space, watch movies about strange new technologies, be inspired – or horrified – by visions of the future.

Fancy dipping your toe into space opera? We can help – there’s guaranteed to be hull to hull recommendations and at least two read-alongs.

Have a heap of speculative fiction on your conscience shelf? Tap us up and we’ll try to set you up with a buddy read.

Want to signal boost some geeky podcasts? We’re all ears.

We don’t mind what flavour of science fiction you enthuse about – the genre is broad, and we are broad-minded. Share your blog posts, tweet us your opinions, tag us in your photos – we want to see and hear from you. Just let us know where to find you so we can share and enjoy.

Get involved

Please do sign up so we know you’re along for the ride. There’s no commitment – life can get in the way – but it lets us know to keep an ear out for you as we start the engines in November.

Want to bounce around some ideas or ask us a question? Find us at @SciFiMonth on Twitter. 

Sign-up Giveaway

There’s no deadline for signing up – if you only hear about this on the second-last day of November, you’re still welcome to join in the fun. But if you sign up before 1st November and make a SciFiMonth post in the first week of November, you will be eligible for the sign up giveaway (indicate your interest in the sign up form). Prize TBC – watch this space for updates.


IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from

Note: the gorgeous image is not royalty-free, and has been licensed for use to promote the event online. You are welcome to borrow the banner to signal you are part of the crew, but please do not make any changes (except to resize as needed). As ever, please ensure you credit the artist!

There will be more banners released as we get closer to launch.