Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi: final fantasy suggestions

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Summer is well and truly here, time to slow down and read all the books. It’s also time for one last round of fantasy suggestions to help those taking part in Annemieke’s Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi reading challenge

Dance magic dance

The Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi reading challenge is a casual prompt challenge that is running right through until the end of the year. You can play books you’ve already read this year to fill your dance card if you decide to join the dance now – you’re not limited to books you read between now and New Year (…which really would be ambitious, blimey).

There are three dance cards: SF, Fantasy and General (which is a bonus category of 10 extra prompts to pair with either or both of the other cards). The challenge is to read a book for every prompt on each card you play, but each book can only be counted against one prompt.

What to read?

There are some straightforward prompts to get you started (with the genre or just with the happy buzz of filling your card), and some more challenging ones to help push you a little. The trick is to remember that the prompt doesn’t need to be the primary focus of the plot – it just has to feature in some way!

I’m suggesting 3-10 books per prompt, split across 3 sub-categories: well-loved books for genre classics and/or bestsellers; new in 2019 for new releases I’m excited about; and top tips for personal favourites and/or books I’m really intrigued to read. My suggestions include books from my possible challenge TBR, plus books I’ve read and recommend (marked with an asterisk*).

Well-loved New in 2019 Top tips
Gods Jacqueline Carey: Kushiel’s Dart*

Robert Jackson Bennett: City of Stairs*

Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Gods of Jade and Shadow

Julie E Czerneda: The Gossamer Mage

Ann Leckie: The Raven Tower

Tasha Suri: Empire of Sand*

Pat O’Shea: The Hounds of the Morrigan*

Animal Companion Naomi Novik: Temeraire*

Tamora Pierce: Alanna*

Paul Krueger: The Steel Crow Saga

Kira Jane Buxton: HollowKingdom

Kristen Britain: Green Rider

Robert Westall: The Cats of Seroster*

Matriarchy William Moulton Marston: The Wonder Woman Chronicles†

Naomi Alderman: The Power

Samantha Shannon: The Priory of the Orange Tree Alexandra Christo: To Kill A Kingdom*

Michelle West: The Sun Sword

Set in our world Seanan McGuire: Discount Armageddon*

David Mitchell: The Thousand Autumns of David de Zoet

David Dalglish: Soulkeeper

T Frohock: Where Oblivion Lives

Roshani Chokshi: The Gilded Wolves

Ellen Klages: Passing Strange*

Bryan Camp: The City of Lost Fortunes

Daniel Jose Older: Shadowshaper

Witches Madeline Miller: Circe

Alice Hoffman: Practical Magic

Shelby Mahurin: Serpent and Dove

Sarah Beth Durst: The Deepest Blue

Paul Cornell: Witches of Lychford*

Kate Forsyth: The Witches of Eileanan

Magical Law Enforcement Ilona Daniels: Magic Bites

Jasper Fforde: The Eyre Affair

P Djèlí Clark: The Haunting of Tram Car 015

Marshall Ryan Maresca:  A Parliament of Bodies (The Maradaine Constabulary 3)

Daniel O’Malley: The Rook*

Sergei Lukyanenko: Nightwatch*

George Mann: Wychwood*

Thief J R R Tolkien: The Hobbit*

Megan Whalen Turner: The Thief

V E Schwab: A Darker Shade of Magic*

Gareth Hanrahan: The Gutter Prayer

Zoraida Córdova:  Hollow Crown

Cate Glass: An Illusion of Thieves

Intisar Khanani: Sunbolt*

Gelineau & King: Best Left In The Shadows*

Pirates Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides

Robin Hobb: Ship of Magic

William Goldman: The Princess Bride

Danielle L Jensen: Dark Shores

Surely there must be more! Any ideas?

Alexandra Christo: To Kill A Kingdom*

Tricia Levenseller: Daughter of the Pirate King

Portal fantasy Guy Gavriel Kay: The Summer Tree*

Michael Ende: The Neverending Story*

Erin Morgenstern: The Starless Sea

Alix E Harrow: The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Foz Meadows: An Accident of Stars

Barbara Hambly: The Time of the Dark*

Warrior Rebecca Roanhorse: Trail of Lightning*

Mark Lawrence: Red Sister

Andrzej Sapkowski: The Witcher

Evan Winter: The Rag of Dragons

Anthony Ryan: The Wolf’s Call

M L Wang: The Sword of Kaigen

Katharine Kerr: Daggerspell*

Serial Box: Born to the Blade*

Bradley Beaulieu: Twelve Kings

† Obviously this is an excuse to read any Wonder Woman really, but since seeing Dr Marston and the Wonder Women, if – and it’s a big if – I were to finally pop my comics cherry this is almost certainly where I’d start.

Looking for more suggestions?

Annemieke published some excellent suggestions with the original challenge post – I’ve been trying to avoid overlap, so there’s plenty more for you to choose from! And then there’s my suggestions for the remaining prompts:

Sci-Fi dances: batch 1 | batch 2

Fantasy dances: batch 1

Got some suggestions? Add them in the comments!