20 Books of Summer

20 Books of Summer

When I’m whinging that I’m tired and too busy at work to stay on top of my reviews, you’d think the answer would be to call a hiatus and take a breather. But then I hear Cathy call that 20 Books of Summer is kicking off, and I can’t help myself…

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday – but Top Ten Tuesday was asking for my favourite genre today, and as I’ve just spent a month banging the drum for all things fantasy I would have felt silly focusing on fantasy again and treacherous if I’d represented for scifi instead. My love for both genres continues unabated and equal, however much the balance of my reading and reviewing may seesaw in favour of first one and then the other.

Instead, let’s talk 20 Books of Summer. This is an annual challenge hosted by the lovely Cathy of 746 Books. I like it because it’s fun, flexible and forgiving. We’re all trying to reduce our TBRs over the summer: you can sign up to knock off 10, 15 or 20 (and if you miss your goal, just declare for the next tier). There’s no judgement – every book read is a step in the right direction, and we’re all here to cheer one another along.

So I shall be trying to read 20 books before September 3rd, even if I don’t manage to review all of them by then. It’s a stretch – I’ve never made it yet (this will be my third attempt) – but you can bet I’ll have fun trying.

Now, you know what I’m like with reading lists at this point in the year – I’ve had my fill as I reach the end of the Subjective Chaos nominees, and I’m all about some freeform reading through the summer. This year is no different, so I reserve the right to read a completely different 20 books if that’s what I fancy! But there’s enough choice here to keep me feeling like I’m following a whim (unless the whim is to pick up The Priory of the Orange Tree, in which case there’s no way I’m hitting 20 books anyway).

I’ll be starting June by going all-out sci-fi to finish off my list of award nominees

I’ve got my heart set on some rereads and read-alongs… but I’m not sure these count as technically they’re already off my TBR. Oops. Guess I’ll be trying to read 24 books by September 3rd…


So what ARCs might feature? I have a big pile, to be honest, but some are literally jumping up and down on the shelf and threatening to mug me. Although I might sign up for ARC August this year too, in which case this list will get considerably longer and my backlist ambitions will shrink.

Let’s not forget the recent and upcoming releases that I will explode if I don’t read. I know new releases aren’t technically the point of 20 Books of Summer either, but honestly, they’re going to leap right on to my shelf so they may as well leap right back off, yes? Yes, I thought so too.

Which brings us to the rest of the books that I really want to read and haven’t quite got to for one reason or another.

Seems like a perfectly good plan, doesn’t it? Let’s see how long it lasts…

What will you be reading this summer?