The Ninth Rain Read-along: week four

The Ninth Rain - A Wyrd and Wonder Read-along

Our little team have split up and are pursuing separate goals: to save a life, and to save a god. But our heroes must confront their pasts before they face their future…

It’s the final week of the Wyrd and Wonder read-along of The Ninth Rain: we’ve journeyed from Ebora to Mushenska, ridden giants bats and the winnowline, ventured into the Wild and into the heart of a Behemoth. So many feelings. So much adventure! And now we’ve got to the point: can Tor and Hest bring back Ygseril?

The revival of Ygseril does not quite go according to anyone’s plan… Were you surprised by what happened in the Hall of Roots? For that matter, what do you make of Hestillion’s chosen course of action? 

I’m not sure Hest chose to be kidnapped by the Jure’lia (or should that be adopted?), but I wasn’t expecting it. Even on the reread, the Queen’s action is a little surprising – not least because it seems so out of character for the ravening Jure’lia to form a bond and honour it. But Hest seems to intrigue the Queen as much as she fascinates me.

I wasn’t surprised that things didn’t go to plan, though. There are two ways for the first book in a trilogy to end: a minor triumph, leading to a major setback in book two; or all the drama (followed by a whole lot more). While my heart sings – even second time around – at the return of the warbeasts (that’s a hell of a triumph), this is all the drama all the time and I love it.

We also learn Vintage’s reason for leaving so suddenly, and there’s a reunion in her cards! How do you feel about her departure now that she’s been reunited with Nanthema?

I can’t help but think running away from two friends in dire, immediate need was still a terribly selfish choice. After all, Vintage didn’t know she’d find Nanthema in one piece (and Nanthema wasn’t exactly aware of how long it took Vintage to find her, so a few more weeks wouldn’t have made a difference).

On the other hand, if she’d waited until Tor and Noon set out for Ebora, she might not have reached Nanthema before the Behemoth was resurrected, so it’s probably just as well she rushed.

Besides, I’m so happy they got a a reunion. Now they just have to survive the Ninth Rain… but at least they’re together.

The Ninth Rain has fallen, and the truth about the parasite spirits is revealed. What’s your take on Noon having bonded with a war beast?


I love it so much. I love the look they give Tor when he questions it. I love how they are so completely a unit, however unlikely, however much of a patronising pain in the ass Vostok promises to be. Noon got herself a warbeast as well as the best giant bat, and I think it’s awesome.

…but the truth about the parasite spirits has been breaking my heart since the start of this reread. First time around, it was ‘woah, they’re scary’ and ‘ewww’ – but seeing them when you know what they are is devastating.

Any other thoughts, reactions, theories about what follows?

…so fancies charging straight ahead into The Bitter Twins? 😀

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