Quest Log The Fourth: the road goes ever on and on

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It’s Monday, which means it’s time to gaze into my crystal ball once more and see what my Wyrd and Wonderful companions have been up to this past week.


I’m not just gaining books for my TBR this year, I’m learning about so many exciting new authors – it’s another eclectic set of reviews this week!

…plus a collection of mini-reviews from Beth’s Bookish Thoughts on Monstress Vol 3 and House of Whispers, and a spotlight on Kathryn Knight’s The Haunting of Hillwood Farm from Jorie Loves a Story. Last but not least, Lisa spotlighted Vivian Shaw’s new Greta Helsing book Grave Importance for Can’t Wait Wednesday at Way Too Fantasy, and Jess(ticulates) put Trudi Canavan’s The Magicians’ Guild front and centre for some Shelf Control.

We’ve had much discussion of Game of Thrones as the show came to its controversial end (I haven’t seen any of this season yet, so please – no comments on this post):

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

In this week’s Challenge:

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The fireside discussions are flowing freely. Nikki reflected on what fantasy means to them at The Bibliophibian, while Jess(ticulates) mulled over why we love Victorian era fantasy. D P Woolliscroft guest posted at Rockstarlit Book Asylum to talk about the world-building for his upcoming novel Ioth: City of Lights. Kal invited debut author Liz Kerin over for a chat at Reader Voracious. Anouk took some time out to celebrate some unusual fantasy creatures – and asked just how dangerous they are…

Okay – ready for the weekly siege of your TBR? No? There’s been a lot of amazing recommendations this week, so you’d best duck for cover – INCOMING!

Brand new to fantasy and not sure where to start? Annemieke has some excellent tips at A Dance with Books. Looking for a stand-alone fantasy? Ash has you covered at Bookish Muggle, and if she can’t convince you, Beth has some more suggestions at Beth’s Bookish Thoughts! Quite happy for it to have a sequel? Head on over to Mousai Books, where Dani is sharing her second batch of fantasy recommendations. Missing your dragon fix now Game of Thrones is over? Zezee with Books has what you’re looking for. That said, HP has a lot more to say about what might cure your Game of Thrones hangover at Every Day Should Be Tuesday.

Top Ten Tuesdays (now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) have been a riot throughout Wyrd and Wonder as we’ve forged our our fantastic paths. Last week, Lisa celebrated her favourite witches and wizards at Dear Geek Place, while I got enthusiastic about awesome fantasy debuts here at There’s Always Room for One More. Tammy decided ten wasn’t enough, and highlighted eighteen upcoming fantasy debuts at Books, Bones & Buffy. Annemieke let the artwork do the talking with a top ten fantasy covers. Zezee took Wyrd and Wonder to Top 5 Tuesday (hosted by Shanah, the Bionic Bookworm) to warn you about some unputdownable fantasy reads.

What’s that? You thought it was safe to go back atop the walls? Ha! Kal has been looking ahead at Reader Voracious to some amazing releases coming out in June… Caitlin is celebrating fantasy/scifi mash-ups at Realms of My Mind.

Looking to get your nose out of a book? Deanna wants to talk to you about playing Witcher 3 (which sounds as epic as trying to read your TBR).

Lynn now hosts the Friday Face-off (created by Books by Proxy) at Lynn’s Books and it was a celebration of magical artefacts this week! Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable, Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy, and Lynn herself had a ball. It was a busy Friday – Brittany wants to know if you can spot the opening line for First Lines Friday (hosted by Wandering Words) and First Impression Friday (created by J.W. Martin).

Let’s close the week with a couple of fun book tags: Sahi tackled the Shadowhunter Family book tag over at My World of Books, and Anouk took the Literary Dinner Party tag at Time for Tales and Tea.


Our read-alongs are more or less over, with the Trail of Lightning discussions now complete and the final The Ninth Rain discussion on Thursday. It’s been emotional, and I sense a lot of people keen to steam on with some sequels!

Trail of Lightning

The Ninth Rain


In case you’ve forgotten…

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One last thing

As ever, if I’ve missed you in the Quest Log, my apologies. Remember to update the Master Schedule or leave a comment here and I’ll happily include you in the final round-up next Monday (yes, of course there’s room for one more – isn’t there always?)