Welcome to Wyrd and Wonder

Text banner: Wyrd and Wonder: Celebrate the Fantastic (1-31 May) - plus a gorgeous stylised dragon glyph

Raise the banners! Unleash your magicks! Summon your dragons! It’s May at last – welcome to an epic month of Wyrd and Wonder.

Happy birthday to our baby blogstravaganza! As we start our second adventure, I’m delighted to say there are 42 people signed up to celebrate the fantastic with Lisa, Jorie and I. Brace yourself for a web-wide onslaught of enthusiasm for all things fantasy…

Who has joined the party?

We’ve got Wyrd and Wonder veterans Annemieke of A Dance with Books, Nikki the Bibliophibian, Jennifer of Book Den, Tammy of Bones, Books & Buffy, Bethan May Books, Deanna Reads Books, Hannah of I Have Thoughts On Books, Jenna of Falling Letters, Susy’s Cosy World, and of course my co-hosts Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Jorie Loves a Story.

Proving that SciFiMonth’s lil sibling is just as cool as its space-faring inspiration, we’re joined this year by Avery of Red Rocket Panda, the Bookforager, the Bookish Muggle, Caitlin of Realms of My Mind, Elizabeth of Earl Grey Editing, Jessticulates, Kaleena of Reader Voracious, Lynn’s Books,  and Paul Harrap.

But that’s not everyone! We’ve been spreading the word and tempting our friends to come along – and it’s worked. Joining us on this dungeon crawl are A Fictional Fox, Charlotte of Mug Full of Books, Dragana of Diary of the Book Dragon, Dr Gillian Polack, HP of Every Day Should Be Tuesday, the Fiction Addiction, Jason of Off the TBR (erm, good luck with that Jason), Jonathan Moyer, Kathy of Below the Vaulted SkyLaura Newsholme, Lucy of Girl of Ink and Fury, Kevin of Libreture, Rachel Read It, Sarah of Read, Review, Repeat, Timy of Rockstarlit Book Asylum, Vinjii of Books in Blankets and Zezee with Books!

This party is so big we could raid your cattle and tease your dragons (don’t worry, we won’t). Don’t try and read our names all out in one go unless you have a big drink to wet your throat with at the end of the roll call…

Is there room for one more?

You know the motto around here: there’s always room for one more! If you fancy joining in the fun, just sign up to let me know to watch out for you when we make camp to write the weekly Quest Log – and keep an eye on #WyrdAndWonder so you don’t miss a thing.

What will be happening?

Well now we’re a veritable army of fantasy fans, I think we should take over the world. Wands for all, and swishy cloaks for a Friday night!

But I may be getting ahead of myself.

In the meantime, there’s the Wyrd and Wonder Challenge, a heap of Top Ten prompts if you’re looking for MOAR inspiration, two read-alongs and some epic give-aways!

But most importantly, there’s whatever you want to do. This is a chilled out, take turns telling tales around the fire, anything goes kind of fantasy party (well almost anything, you reprobates). If you have something planned, please remember to add it to our master schedule so we can see what’s coming up and include you in our tweetstorms and the weekly Quest Log!

The Wyrd and Wonder challenge

The Challenge kicks off today (ahem, although I’ve been unexpectedly stuck in Denmark since last week, so I’ll be playing catch up at the weekend!): 31 daily prompts to inspire you through the month. You can tackle as many or as few as you like – take a picture, write a post, name a book each prompt brings to mind – or tackle them in batches and call it a book tag! Want to be sure we see you? Leave a comment on this post letting us know where you’ll be posting your challenge responses and we will swing by to admire your work.


It’s too late to get in on the Wyrd and Wonder sign-up giveaway (if you signed up, don’t forget you also need to make a post of some sort somewhere to guarantee your name goes in the hat!), but never fear – there are more on the way!

Nikki the Bibliophibian will be giving away one of the books they read this May to one lucky winner – entries are open now through until the end of the month.

And keep an eye on Zezee with Books who will be announcing another giveaway today!


Last but not least, there are the Wyrd and Wonder read-alongs! If you care to join us, you’ve still got time to pick up Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse in advance of the first round of discussion on Sunday. We’ll be starting discussions of The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams next Thursday. Full details of weekly reading and individual read-along sign ups.

Just have fun

Remember, we’re the laidback adventuring party. The only rule is to be excellent to one another. No other obligations, no targets, no pressure – we’ll just be celebrating our beloved genre in every way we can think of.

Quest Log

The easiest way to keep track of everything going on (at least on Twitter, Instagram and Litsy) is by checking the #WyrdAndWonder hashtag – plus I’ll post a weekly Quest Log here at There’s Always Room for One More each Monday.

Whether or not you plan to join the blogstravaganza, what will you be reading during Wyrd and Wonder?