Wyrd and Wonder: plots and shenanigans

Text banner: Wyrd and Wonder: Celebrate the Fantastic (1-31 May) - plus a gorgeous stylised dragon glyph

So other than the read-alongs, the photo challenge and/or the blog tag, what else will we be up to during Wyrd and Wonder next month? Eating people who ask too many questions, that’s what. JUST KIDDING. Don’t feed the dragons, friends. They get over-excited.

Reviews, interviews, chatter and fun

Wyrd and Wonder is what you make it. If last year’s epic quest is anything to go by, you can expect reviews, interviews, top tens, and more recommendations than your poor creaking TBR can possibly cope with.

So we want to know what you have planned! Add your posts to the Master Schedule so that we can spread the word and ensure everyone pops by for a chat when your posts go live.

Fantasy Top Tens

Looking for inspiration? Your wish is our command. Annemieke at A Dance With Books asked for some Wyrd and Wonder themed prompts for Top Ten Tuesday and one quick Twitterstorm later, we’ve got more than enough ideas for everyone:

  • Top Ten magic systems
  • Top Ten fantasy debuts (or series)(or stand-alones)(or trilogies)
  • Top Ten magical artefacts or items
  • Top Ten witches or wizards
  • Top Ten fantasy sidekicks
  • Top Ten epic deaths
  • Top Ten tragic deaths you absolutely didn’t see coming (spoiler tags please!)
  • Top Ten social constructs (such as the Riverside dueling system)
  • Top Ten fantasy cities (or countries)(or worlds)
  • Top Ten thieves who stole your heart as well
  • Top Ten fantasy locations you DON’T want to visit
  • Top Ten dragons (you know we had to)
  • Top Ten unusual urban fantasy creatures

Join the party

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And we have treasure to give away! If you sign up before May 1st and post about Wyrd and Wonder during the first week, you can enter the draw to win a copy of the gorgeous new UK edition of V E Schwab’s The Near Witch (or a book of your choice from the Book Depository if the Witch is already on your shelf).

Fly the flag

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IMAGE CREDIT: Dragon by kasana86 from 123RF.com.