The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge

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Is it a blog tag? Is it a photo challenge? Is it just a handy collection of Wyrd and Wonderful prompts? It’s up to you! We’ve come up with a prompt for every day through May – use them wisely. Or frivolously. Frivolity is good.

Last year, Wyrd and Wonder had a photo challenge: a prompt each day to inspire your fantasy bookstagramming. This year, the prompts are back (yes, they’re different prompts, what do you take us for?) and we’re looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

You could:

  • share a photo each day on Instagram or Litsy;
  • pick a prompt as inspiration for some form of post (…or pick multiple and write several posts. Heck, post every day if you’re really keen);
  • pick any ten prompts and make it a blog tag

…or come up with a new and exciting twist on how to use them!

The prompts

01/05/2019 Your Wyrd and Wonder TBR
02/05/2019 Fantastic pirates
03/05/2019 The best things come in threes (trilogies)
04/05/2019 Unexpected wizards
05/05/2019 Victory against the odds
06/05/2019 Celebrate a sidekick
07/05/2019 Book rainbow
08/05/2019 Can’t wait to read
09/05/2019 Fairytale retelling
10/05/2019 Cool powers, dude (interesting magic system)
11/05/2019 Stunning debut
12/05/2019 Spine poetry or Mother’s Day
13/05/2019 #MapMonday
14/05/2019 Fave trans or enby characters
15/05/2019 Current read
16/05/2019 Fave male characters
17/05/2019 Amazing magical artefact
18/05/2019 #StackSaturday
19/05/2019 Fave female characters
20/05/2019 I didn’t see that coming
21/05/2019 Through the wardrobe (portal fantasy)
22/05/2019 I’d rather be at sea (ships or sailors)
23/05/2019 That was lucky
24/05/2019 Unreal locations
25/05/2019 Heist
26/05/2019 #ShelfieSunday
27/05/2019 Epic / tragic death
28/05/2019 Fish out of water
29/05/2019 Glorious stand-alone
30/05/2019 Break my heart
31/05/2019 Fave Wyrd & Wonder read

All a bit obscure? Check out the supporting notes.

Join the party

So, we’ve tempted you to join our quest? It’s not too late to sign up – we’ll be celebrating all things fantasy-related throughout May and you’re more than welcome to join us.

If you sign up before May 1st and post about Wyrd and Wonder post during the first week, you can enter the draw to win a copy of the gorgeous new UK edition of V E Schwab’s The Near Witch (or a book of your choice from the Book Depository if the Witch is already on your shelf).

Fly the flag

Help us spread the word! If you’d like to use our banners and graphics when posting about Wyrd and Wonder, you can download them here.

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