Dancing with Fantasy and SciFi 2019 Reading Challenge

I told myself I wasn’t going to set any challenges for 2019 beyond a reading goal and my commitment to Subjective Chaos (all hail Eris Discordia)… but then I saw the reading challenge that Annemieke designed over at A Dance with Books.

It’s fabulously free-form: 52 prompts for the year, split by genre – so you can keep it modest with the 12 generic prompts, get serious with 20 SF or Fantasy prompts, or really go for it and try to do all 52!

I like the sound of this challenge a lot, as it lets me meander through my reading and have fun trying to match it up to the prompts. Annemieke has even designed bingo cards to help track where you’ve got to! Watch this space for tortuous logic defending why XXX counts for a space western or a PTSD point…

Fancy joining us? Head on over to A Dance with Books for all the details and sign upย so she knows you’re on board!