Mission Status Update: in space, no-one can hear you flail

SCIFIMONTH 2018 (1-30 November) - the universe is what we make of it

We’re in the final stages of our mission now, seeing how many planets and space stations we can visit before we regretfully turn for home. Time for our weekly round-up of what’s been going on…


Reviews and features

I’ll gush a bit more next week, but OH MY STARS you are the best SciFiMonth Fleet! I know, I know, I get to do this one more time, but every week I compile the round up I’m blown away by all the SF love. Keep flying the flag, folks!

Regular Features

No matter how far we go, our weekly round of regular posts gives us something to familiar to hang on to:

Special Features

Annemieke kicked us off with a look at biopunk (not sure what it is? Don’t worry, she’ll explain!), while Deanna rued all the SF games she hasn’t yet played (but if you’ve got some suggestions of others she should play, she’d love to hear about them).

Caitlin of Realms of My Mind wrote about a favourite trope : the ragtag ship’s crew (YAAAAAS) and Alexandra Wolfe wondered whether alien invasion was the most likely form of first contact (yes, this is a sly gambit to share some excellent recommendations. Well played). Kaleena of Reader Voracious and Norrie of Reading Under the Blankie took the Genre Tag (tag yourself and play along!). I persuaded my co-host Lisa of Dear Geek Place and regular co-conspirator Misforawesome to join me for a discussion of the merits of Syfy’s The Expanse vs James S A Corey’s excellent books.

Time for a few last recommendations! Alexandra Wolfe had an epic set of SF books by subgenre. Got an interest in Futuristic Disasters or Alt Timelines? She’s got you covered. Meanwhile, Annemieke covered SF by age to check out adult vs YA vs middle grade titles.

Book Reviews

Your weekly recap by author of reviews from the SciFiMonth fleet this week:

…plus a movie review of Gattaca by Elena Square Eyes.

Photo Challenge / Book Tag

Annemieke took the #RRSciFiMonth Book Tag this week (and oh heck yes,  Rackmore is a great choice for BAE – that epic library!)

On November 22nd, Serena got right to the point:

Can’t argue with that! And can anyone resist zooming in to read the spines on #ShelfieSunday? I know I can’t…

Check out the photo stream for #RRSciFiMonth on Twitter to see all the photos or check the tag on Instagram or Litsy.


The SciFiMonth read-along of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is finished, but we’ll be BACK in January for A Closed and Common Orbit, continuing on to Record of a Spaceborn Few in March!

Book cover: A Long Way to a Small Angry PlanetWeek 1 recaps: Jorie’s first impressions | Lisa’s thoughts

Week 2 recaps: Jorie | Lisa

Watch out for the week 3 recaps coming later this week…

Right. To your stations, crew! There’s a few days left in our epic journey, so let’s make the most of them!