Wyrd and Wonder: Spooktastic Reads

Banner: Spooktastic Reads, a Wyrd and Wonder mini-event 19-31 October 2018 (photo: phases of the moon by Mark Tegethoff)

Has Wyrd and Wonder faded like a dream of spring now that Autumn is well and truly here? Never fear – with Hallowe’en creeping up on us, Lisa, Jorie and I decided it was time to don our hooded cloaks, cast a ward against evil and seek out more fantasy before our winter SciFi love-in. Will you join us on the dark paths?

Wyrd and Wonder is back with a mini-event to satisfy your fantasy cravings and Hallowe’en urges! This Samhain special edition will run for 13 days (because of course it will) from October 19th until midnight on Hallowe’en. Join us and read that dark fantasy, paranormal romance or all-out supernatural horror you’ve been saving up… with the lights on, if you like.

This is a mini-event, so no formalities (and no sign up required). Just read (or watch!) and blog – or livetweet – or instagram – your way through the spooky fantasy this time of year invites. Tag @wyrdandwonder and/or #SpooktasticReads so we can share your terror from the safety of our sofas.

I’m not big on horror – I’ve got nerves of strawberry jam – but I shall be fortifying myself with tea and hoping the weather is cold enough to put the fire on. I’m cooking up a review of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters (and trying to decide whether I’m brave enough to see it on the big screen); and will be reading George Mann’s new supernatural thrillers Wychwood and Hallowdene. Plus I recently rediscovered my Atlas of Cursed Places, so watch out for daily tweets exploring the world’s most dangerous and frightful destinations…

Will you venture into the dark with us?


Feel free to borrow the banner, but please give full credit.

Image credit: Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash