Top Ten Tuesday: autumn reads

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Top Ten Tuesday is was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s all about books, lists and sharing the love we have of both with our bookish friends. This week, it’s time to take a look at our autumn TBR!

Given the recent announcements, you’d be right to think my reading this autumn will be themed – but they’re very broad themes, which gives me plenty of latitude to keep reading whatever I feel like. After all, I’ve only read 4 of the books that made my summer TBR, so mood reading and following a whim is clearly high on the menu (although if I’m honest, not reading has also played a part there – I got a bit burned out at work, and my reading has suffered recently).

But I have all sorts of exciting things in store – this really is the tip of the iceberg…


Record of a Spaceborn Few – Becky Chambers

Shockingly, even though this has been in my technical possession since July and in my actual hands for a month, I still haven’t read it. This is on me, and at this point I’m such a wreck I’m saving it to put me back together when I finish work.


Book cover: Haven - Adam Roberts (a barn against a lurid sky)Haven – Adam Roberts

I recently finished Shelter, Dave Hutchinson’s gripping start to the post-apocalyptic Aftermath shared world, and I’m dying to pick up Adam Roberts’s sequel. I haven’t read any Roberts in 20 years, so I really don’t know what to expect!



Book cover: The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins (a dark building silhouetted against the last light of sunset, glimpsed through a hole burned through paper)The Library at Mount Char – Scott Hawkins

I’ve been sat on this book for 6 months, and it sounds like a good Spooktastic Read: mysterious, chilling and intricate. An orphan must fight to hold on to a library that holds the deepest secrets – but can she hold on to her humanity?


Book cover: The Stone Sky - N K Jemisin (a green archway)The Stone Sky – N K Jemisin

A carry-over from my last TBR, and a Must Read for me this autumn because I Must Know how the Broken Earth trilogy ends. At the moment I’m saving it to savour it: these are not books to read casually, so I want to give it my full attention.


Book cover: In the Vanishers Palace - Aliette de Bodard (a woman in peach clothing running down stairs - or are they coils - under a dragons watchful eye)In the Vanisher’s Palace – Aliette de Bodard

What do you mean it’s funny how there’s always an Aliette de Bodard novella on my TBR? WHY AREN’T THEY ON YOURS? Yes, she’s a firm favourite here – and her upcoming release is a queer retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a dragon. Yes, it’s available for pre-order. You’re welcome.


Book cover: Wychwood - George Mann (a forest glimpsed through a corvid's silhouette)Wychwood – George Mann

Another Spooktastic Read – a young journalist returns home to regroup after two shattering events, only to be first on the scene at a ritualistic murder. I’m hoping (given the set-up and Mann’s prior work) to find this is more than just another serial killer novel, but it sounds promising regardless.


Thin Air – Richard Morgan

In spite of Morgan’s flair for hard-bitten anti-heroes and ultra-violent noir (not my usual cuppa, etc), I have a soft spot for his frequently-political work. Thin Air is his latest thriller, with an engineered super-human taking on the establishment on Mars – familiar themes for Morgan, and I’m ready for something high-octane and angry.


Book cover: Do You Dream of Terra-Two - Temi Oh (a young person's face hazy through a spacesuit helmet)Do You Dream of Terra-Two? – Temi Oh

Ten astronauts are sent in search of a new home for those desperate to leave a dying Earth: a 23-year trip made in hope. And Things Will Go Wrong. I love a well-told disaster story, and space disasters are a firm favourite. Although the elevator pitch mentions Small Angry Planet, so maybe this won’t be too bleak? EVEN BETTER.


Book cover: The Descent of Monsters - JY Yang (a person in red robes and braids in an epic post standing on a dragon)The Descent of Monsters – J Y Yang

I loved the first two books of the Tensorate, so I’m excited for book 3, which is mixing up some of my favourite tropes! An honourable investigator must find out What Went Wrong at a Protectorate research institute. But her only leads are captured rebel leader Sanao Akeha (uh oh) and the mysterious Rider (OH NO); and her sense that Something is being Covered Up (O RLY). Bring it.


Book cover: Brightly Burning - Alexa Donne (purple-pink sky silhouette of a young woman's head against a white background with yellow stars; illustrative style)Brightly Burning – Alexa Donne

A feminist retelling of Jane Eyre in space? Finally, a version of Jane Eyre I might read. Stella leaps at the chance to escape her decaying ship in orbit around an ice-encased Earth. But Hugo Fairfax has a reputation – and enemies – and perhaps, just perhaps, he doesn’t have the best interests of the rest of the fleet at heart…


What else should I be reading this autumn?