Welcome to a month of Wyrd and Wonder

Text: Wyrd and Wonder on a background field of black with red fabric fluttering across it (IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash)

Spring has sprung, and we’re halfway to the summer solstice. The world is full of possibilities, and it’s the perfect time to get fannish about fantasy. Wyrd and Wonder will be a month-long celebration of the fantastic, so grab your sword belt and summon your steed! It’s time to go on an adventure…

Wyrd and Wonder will feature content around the web from bloggers including Runalong the Shelves, Book Den, Emma Maree, A Dance with Books, The Illustrated Page, Bethan May Books, Deanna Reads Books, Metaphors and Moonlight, GeekDameCameron Johnston, Books Bones & Buffy, The Bibliophibian, DWT Smith, My Life My Books My Escape, Falling Letters, I Have Thoughts on Books and The Tome & Tankard Inn as well as my co-hosts Over the Effing Rainbow and Jorie Loves a Story.

I’ve got a real mix coming up in my quest to explore the limits of fantasy: expect some epic fantasy, some urban fantasy, some myth, some romance and even – unusually for me these days – some grimdark! I’ll mostly be focusing on current and recent releases, but I’m also hoping to dive in to a classic or two as I’ve got a week off mid-month.

Outside of the reviews, I’ve got some fantastic (see what I did there. I’ll stop. Honest) Top Tens; I’ll be revisiting The Book Was Better (or was it) to look at how fantasy has been faring on the big screen; and ring-leading our read-along of Daggerspell, the wyrd-driven first novel in Katharine Kerr’s classic Deverry Saga. Watch out for the odd interview, guest post and giveaway along the way!

It’s not too late to get involved – just sign up (or leave a comment on this post!) so we know you’re joining us and follow the official Twitter account @WyrdandWonder for all the latest updates!

Fantasy can be anything from paranormal romance to classic epic to magical realism and myth-tinged thriller: whether or not you plan to join in the blogstravaganza, what will you be reading?