Daggerspell: the Wyrd and Wonder read-along

500 years ago, Nevyn made a mistake that ruined many lives – and the Gods accepted his oath to set it right. With war threatening Deverry’s western border, the souls of those he wronged will gather once more. Will he finally untangle the knot that binds them? Or will their wayward hearts lead them further from the Light? Join us for a classic fantasy read-along of magic, fate and epic swordscraft.

How does it work?

This is a casual read-along – we have a schedule for reading, and will no doubt swap our thoughts on the week via Twitter (#daggerspell), Goodreads and our blogs for those have them.

I will post prompts on Twitter and Goodreads each Wednesday (first one: May 2nd) for those who wish to blog! That said, there’s no commitment beyond the reading – blog posts are optional and it’s entirely up to you whether you answer the prompts or just write up your impressions.


  • Week I: Prologue, Jill/Cerrgonney 1052, Brangwen/Deverry 643
  • Week II: Jill/Deverry 1058, Lyssa/Deverry 698
  • Week III: Jill/Eldidd 1062 – to end of scene: “Silver dagger, I’ve got a hire for you”
  • Week IV: from our stopping point through to the end

Blog prompts will go out on Twitter and Goodreads each Wednesday from May 2nd.

I’ll also start a discussion thread on Twitter each Sunday starting May 6th if it hasn’t happened already…

Want to join in?

Just grab a copy of Daggerspell and get reading next week – then join us for a chat on Twitter on Sunday 6th if you feel like it, or point us at your blog post if you’re inclined. Leave a note in the comments to let me know you’re reading along and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.