Wyrd and Wonder: Daggerspell group read & giveaway

Text only: Wyrd and Wonder

We’re only a month away from Wyrd and Wonder so it’s time to get serious about some of the events we’ll be hosting through our month-long celebration of all things fantasy. First up: I’ll be hosting a group read of Kit Kerr‘s Celtic epic Daggerspell – and giving a copy away to one lucky winner!

Katharine Kerr is a lifelong favourite of mine and her gorgeously-written Deverry Cycle is an under-sung classic. When the Romans invaded Gaul, not every tribe bowed their heads after their defeat at Alesia. Some sailed away into the mists… and found a new homeland. Deverry is a rugged, half-empty continent, and the Deverrians are a warrior people led by petty chieftains, given to blood feuds and dark moods. Magic is powerful but secret; and wyrd is inescapable – although it may take many lives to fulfil it.

Could there be a more perfect set-up for a Wyrd and Wonder read-along? Join us in reading Daggerspell, the first book in the Deverry Cycle. One man’s error ruined the lives of many; 500 years later, he still labours to make amends and bring a young woman of immense potential to the dweomer. But Jill is the daughter of Cullyn of Cerrmor, the best swordsman in Deverry, and her many lives have done nothing to untangle the knot created by his long-ago choice. Can she step out of her father’s blood-soaked shadow? And if she does, will she choose to study magic – or to follow her heart?


  • Week I: Prologue, Jill/Cerrgonney 1052, Brangwen/Deverry 643
  • Week II: Jill/Deverry 1058, Lyssa/Deverry 698
  • Week III: Jill/Eldidd 1062 – to end of scene: “Silver dagger, I’ve got a hire for you”
  • Week IV: from our stopping point through to the end

This is a casual read-along – we have a schedule for reading, and will swap thoughts on the week via Twitter (#daggerspell), Goodreads and our blogs for those have them. There’s no commitment beyond the reading – discussion posts are optional! You can expect weekly musings from me here, and weekly prompts for live discussion on Twitter and Goodreads.


Feel free to borrow any of the below, or make your own! I’ve used the late Peter Elson‘s gorgeous artwork from the first (UK) edition. Right-click to see the full-size images.

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Curious to read Daggerspell but don’t have a copy? Thinking about taking part in Wyrd and Wonder and just looking to be enabled for an excuse? Let me help you with that! I will arrange for a paperback or ebook copy to be sent to one Wyrd and Wonder participant – just sign up for the event and flag your interest in the comments. Open in any country BookDepository ships to.

The giveaway small print
  • Entries must be received before midnight PST on Sunday, 29th April
  • To enter, sign up for Wyrd and Wonder, and leave a comment on this post to add your name in the draw
  • Let me know how to get in touch if you win (e.g. email address, Twitter handle)
  • The winner will be contacted on Monday, 30th April
  • If you win, a residential mailing address must be provided (sorry, no PO Boxes)
  • The winner will have 48 hours to respond with delivery details. If no response is given, another winner will be selected
  • Details will be used only to provide updates about Wyrd and Wonder, and to ship you the prize if you win