Wyrd and Wonder: planning our adventures

Text: Wyrd and Wonder on a background field of black with red fabric fluttering across it (IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash)

Wyrd and Wonder is a fantasy event being held this May – a quest to celebrate the best fantasy books, movies, audiobooks, games, art and whatever else tickles our fancy. But every adventure needs a plan, so that you can look back on it and wonder what the hell happened…

Draw a map

Okay, not an actual map. But a map of time and topics (ahem, yes, I’m desperately trying to dress up a GoogleDoc here) so we can see what will be going on and when it will be happening. This is open to all participants – as and when you start planning your posts / activities, just add them to the schedule so that come May the Wyrd and Wonder team (that’s me, Lisa and Jorie) can boost your posts to share the joy.

You can find the Wyrd and Wonder schedule here.

…what do you mean, it’s a bit early for a plan? Some of us are organised*. All the better to laugh at ourselves later. Don’t worry, we’re good at improvising when everything changes.

* …no, no, I’m not. I’m good at writing to do lists. It’s not the same unless you then do the thing.

Join the party

Wyrd and Wonder is open to anyone who wishes to take part – just sign up to let us know you’ll meet us in the Twitter tavern** on May 1st and then join us as we blog, bookstagram, booktube, and flail happily on Twitter.

** Not an actual tavern. Bring your own ale/mead/table. But we’ll be there, and we’ll be merry.

Grab a banner

They’re not made of silk and they won’t flap bravely from your spear, but they can flutter across the top of your posts. If you’d like to create more and are happy to share them, get in touch!

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

What next?

Time to plan our reading and watching lists!