Welcome to Wyrd and Wonder

Banner graphic text: Wyrd and Wonder (IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash)

Looking for an opportunity to flail merrily with like-minded lovers of dragons, wizardry, questing and mayhem? Want an excuse to to read all your fantasy backlog? Just curious about That There Genre Famous For Its Intimidating Doorstops? We’re planning a month-long blogstravaganza for all your fantasy needs…

Every year, at the end of SciFi Month, I think ‘that was amazing’. Then I think ‘I never read fantasy any more’. And then I think ‘I wish there was an event like this for fantasy’. This year, I went one further and said these things out loud. Or well, on Twitter. Same thing, right? And I discovered I wasn’t alone.

So Lisa, Jorie and I are delighted to bring you WYRD AND WONDER, where we plan to celebrate all things fantastical throughout the month of May – and we’d love you to join us!

Who can take part?

YOU! This is an open event – anyone can jump on board at any time. There’s no obligation – you can just read what other people post, or you can join a chat for a bit, or you can write enough blog posts to rival the biggest fantasy doorstop.

How can I take part?

Sign up to let us know to expect you, and follow @wyrdandwonder on Twitter. Come May, we’ll be sharing links to your blog posts, hosting Twitter chats and you’re welcome to spread the fantasy love across whatever social media channels you like to use.

What will be going on?

Well it’s a bit early to say, but we’ll publish a schedule closer to the time so you can see what’s going on – and so you can add links to your planned posts.

Sign me up!

There’s no deadline for signing up – if you only hear about this on the second-last day of May, you’re still welcome.

Got any questions or want to bounce around some ideas? Contact @wyrdandwonder on Twitter or drop us an email at wyrdandwonder(at)onemore.org


IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash