Top Ten Tuesday: first encounters of the authorial kind

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish – although sadly this is the last week they will be hosting us. Never fear – Top Ten Tuesday continues over at That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018! This week, I’m all out of order with my prompts, and looking back at authors I read for the first time last year.

I’ve once again done quite well for new authors this year, reading at least one per month (21 in total across the year) – some debut authors, some authors I’d been meaning to read for a while and finally stirred myself to actually read at last.  My favourites – in no particular order – are:


Emily Foster | Goodreads

I adored Foster’s debut novella, The Drowning Eyes and will eagerly snap up anything else she writes (as far as I know, she’s not the same Emily Foster writing steamy erotic novels).


Vic James | twitter | website | Goodreads

Dr James is one of the multi-talented ladies who has finally turned her hands to fiction, and her YA class dystopia where the aristocracy have magic and the rest of us spend a decade in service to enslaved by them is both creepy and gripping. Can’t wait for the finale this year.


S Jae-Jones | twitter | website | Goodreads

2018 was a year of excellent debut novels, and JJ’s wonderful Labyrinth-esque fantasy of goblins, music and sacrifice was another. Very excited for Shadowsong, which is out at the end of the month!


Jeannette Ng | twitter | website | Goodreads

Speaking of being blown away by debut novels, let’s talk about Jeannette Ng, queen of Victorian Gothic, empress of Faerie and goddess of braid-art. If you haven’t read Under the Pendulum Sun and if Gothic Fae and Victorian missionaries sound like your jam, you really mustn’t miss it.


Moving on to authors I should have read by now and hooray I finally have…


Jen Williams | twitter | website | Goodreads

I haven’t yet caught her much-loved fantasy romp The Copper Cat trilogy (I will do), but I fell head over heels with her new and very creepy epic fantasy series starting with The Ninth Rain (sequel The Bitter Twins out next month!)


Marie Brennan | twitter | website | Goodreads

I delighted in the Memoirs of Lady Trent so much I’ll be seeking out the rest of Brennan’s back catalogue. Clever, funny and full of heart – I’m really curious to meet her other characters.


Alastair Reynolds | twitter | website | Goodreads

I’m told Revenger isn’t your typical Alastair Reynolds, but I loved it and will cheerfully dip my toe into the rest of his work as I enjoy grown-up space opera too. I have Blue Remembered Earth queued up ready to go.


James S A Corey | twitter | website | Goodreads

Corey isn’t technically one person but two – the pseudonym of co-writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck – but there’s no telling from the writing, a blockbuster space opera of human beings behaving badly given the slightest political motivation.


James Tiptree, Jr | Goodreads

Yes, I’m still tiptoeing through the classics, and my first brush with Tiptree blew my socks off.


Who did you discover this past year?