We’re past the halfway mark now, but we’re not slowing down! SciFi Month 2017 continues to celebrate all things speculative, science and space-based across as many media as we can reach. Here’s a recap of this week’s flailing activities.


There’s nothing we like so much as sharing the things we love best:



There’s no end to the love for Andy Weir’s freshlyminted Artemis, but it’s not an entirely positive week for movie reviews (until yesterday – hooray for classics!). Star Wars continues to loom large in our scopes, and we had a great run of reviews on backlist and classic SF. Stay tuned next week for reviews of Dune, Doctor Who, An Unkindness of Ghosts and more!

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Banner: Babylon's Ashes Read-along (a close-up of the side of a space ship all massive metalwork)

In The Expanse read-along, we’ve nearly finished Babylon’s Ashes (spoiler-tastic posts, best avoided unless you’re all up to date!) – and with only one last week to go, there are big questions to ponder: who will win? who will lose? what will we do with ourselves when it’s over?


I’ll be back with a final round-up at the end of the month. In the meantime, come join the conversation on Twitter at #RRSciFiMonth