SciFi Month Round-up: the story so far

Sci Fi Month (text only banner. The text is full of stars). Banner by Rinn of Rinn Reads.

SciFi Month 2017 is off to a flying start with blog posts, podcasts, booktubes and bookstagrams coming in thick and fast. It’s tricky keeping up, but I wanted to showcase some of the contributions so far…


There’s nothing we like so much as sharing the things we love best:



The backbone of every Sci Fi Month, the reviews are coming in thick and fast! It’s impossible to cover everything but so far we’ve seen plenty of enthusiasm for Andy Weir’s Artemis (out this week!), much attention given to Star Wars (of course!), mixed reviews for Thor: Ragnarok and a first chomp through some of the classics. And much to my delight, there’s lots of love for sci fi from different perspectives and around the world. Follow @scifimonth on Twitter for a complete guide to everything that’s been going on.


Banner: Babylon's Ashes Read-along (a close-up of the side of a space ship all massive metalwork)

The Expanse read-along continues with Babylon’s Ashes – if you haven’t started the series yet, you really do want to read them in order (and don’t read our posts, because ALL THE SPOILERS) – but if you have, come laugh at our flailing and outrage as we barrel through the blockbuster space opera each week.

…I’ll be back with another round-up next week (because this would be way easier if I did it more often. What can I say,  the first half of the month got away from me a bit!)

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